what to wear | vol. 2 | fall 2013

Right about now, as the temperatures dip a little below what we consider "comfortable weather", thermostats everywhere are being flipped to "heat", wardrobes are being switched to heavier clothing, and tears are threatening to freeze on the cheeks of those who shed them. That would be me. While I'm an A-1 fan of the Fall Wardrobe, I am not in love - or even in like - with winter. Blech. Hibernation is my future.

So as we move into cooler weather and fall photo sessions, here is some advice for dressing for your big day.

It's easy to get caught up in the cliches of the season: 

  • We all must wear white shirts and blue jeans.
  • We all must wear a shade of maroon, mustard or brown. 
  • We all must sit in a pile of leaves as the rest of the leaves cascade from the trees all around us.

If done exceptionally well, the above options are not terrible.  (Although as a photographer, I have no control over how and when a tree sheds its leaves.)  On the other hand, you don't have to be a stereotype! Remember, you will be seeing your fall pictures on your holiday cards in December, on your fridge in February and on your mantle next spring. Just because it's fall doesn't mean your clothing choice has to express it. Check out this great option for a family - with not a shade of brown or orange in sight...


If you are doing an outdoor session this season, think outside the shopping bag. You don't have to match each other and you don't have to match the scenery. Imagine how beautifully your family would stand out against a warm autumn background in these sharp, cool tones of grey and teal. And notice how the family coordinates perfectly by pulling out a few colors and matching those? Not obvious or overwhelming. Simply perfect.

P.S. Do you still need to book your fall session? Get going, sleepy head! Time is running out! Check out my calendar and contact me TODAY to get your appointment.