As a photographer, it is my job to capture your family at their best and most beautiful. At the root of it all, I make it my mission to take their image in the most flattering and complimentary ways I can. As a result, I display only the best of the best for you to see. You seem to like them. ;) But I could just tell you're wondering something.

So what happens when the photographer takes pictures of her own children?


Sure, sometimes I get a real gem. Heck, we all know our own kids are the most handsome on the planet, right? So naturally, mine just cannot take a bad picture.  


They do not listen to me. I'm their MOM. Your kids smile when I tell them to (or tell them stupid jokes). Your kids move their arm to the right when I show them how. 

My kids are wonderful creatures. BUT. Unlike your kids, mine don't treat me like a "photographer", rather,  like their annoying mother who won't (ever!) put the camera down.  

So, to answer your question... when I try to take my own kids' pictures, THIS is what happens. I believe my exact request to achieve this outcome was "Sit next to your brother and look at me." 




There. Don't you feel better now?

Happy Monday, y'all!