Four GREAT Holiday Gifts Under $30

You may have seen my previous post - Four BIG Holiday Gifts to Give. (If not, go read it now. It's ok, I'll wait right here.) Those are the shock-and-awe gifts that will not be forgotten any time soon. Or ever.

This list is just as impressive, just as heart-warming, just as amazing. But at a lower price point.

Remember, everyone loves photo gifts. EVERYone.

Four GREAT Holiday Gifts Under $30

1. A gift print for the desk. A foamcore mounted 5x7 print is the perfect size for a desktop at the office. Pick up a plate stand and you are ready to give. Total price: just under $30.

Pictured: Print mounted on black foamcore.

2. Framed photo for grandma's wall. No grandma worth her salt would ever turn down a beautiful photograph of her grandchildren. This is an easy no-brainer. Order one of your favorite images in an 8x10, have it framed, make her day. Total price: around $30.

This beautiful family? Totally frame-worthy.

3. Photo calendars. It's the perfect gift to give when you need a little extra something. This gift-giving season I am offering this clean and simple 4x8 calendar. Pick 12 of your session images and call it a day (haha). Total price: $25.

Your loved ones will never forget the date… nor will they forget you.

4. Mini-accordian books will make them go awww. Choose up to 10 images from your recent session for a fantastic shot-and-tell. Mini accordion books come in sets of three with options for covers and press print papers. Sized at 2 1/2" x 3", they are just right for a purse, briefcase or pocket. Total price: $12 each.

Shown: Mini Accordion Book with cover fabric in Sapphire.

Don't forget - EVERYone loves a gift of photos. And, if you read the previous post, you know the total value of said gifts. That's right. PRICELESS.

Contact me today to place your order. We have plenty of time for your order to arrive in time for the holidays. (Order cut off date is December 16.)