Happy Holidays from Stories Framed Photography

If you happen to be looking around the web this Christmas Day…. We wish you a very Happy Holiday!


The Photographer's Kids Strike Back.

All my clients had the greatest holiday photos to choose from. On the other hand, I was permitted to take EIGHT photos of my darling ones. That doesn't mean I would END UP with eight after culling and editing. Nope. I was permitted to take a grand total of eight photographs. My camera could go "click" no more than eight times (even on silent mode). Samantha kept me in check by counting as I shot. Gee thanks.

Not to worry. I can make nearly anything work. This year's card may just be a classic. OY to the world. PERFECT. On every level. And look at their faces - they just scream "OY". (Really, they were deep in prayer that their mommy wouldn't fall off the chair and squish them.)

Rest assured, they redeem themselves on the flip side...