Winter scenes in photos

I love taking pictures of winter. I hate winter. But I love what the light, airy snow does to our environment, converting the view out our window into a creamy, dreamy wonderland. Sadly, the next day our world converts back to slushy, icy, ugly mess... but for that one day, it is so beautiful. I often catch myself gazing outside into our backyard or out the car window (when I'm not driving!) at the wondrous white world. 

I captured these winter scenes within the last month. (AKA those few times this winter it actually snowed.) I thought I'd share them with you today, on the first day of MARCH. As it is snowing. Oh the irony is thick in here. I'm moving to Arizona. (No I'm not.)


Three things catch my eye in these photos --  

1. Starkness and simplicity rules. 

2. They seem timeless to me. 

3. I like paths and roads. 


Now that I've gotten these winter scenes out of the way... here's to Spring -- coming soon

Have a great weekend! Happy March!