Hayley's Senior Pictures!

I am now officially in love with doing senior pictures. It helps that my last senior session was HAYLEY, quite possibly the sweetest girl I know. She made my job so easy.

Shooting senior pictures is fun for me because for one day I get to pretend that I'm not ___ years old but instead, a really old-looking high school student (wearing a wedding ring and wrinkles). Seniors in high school are so creative, often telling me how they want to look and where they want to do it. This is something that three year olds haven't quite gotten the hang of yet, haha. However, high school kids are too cool to smile for my stuffed giraffe while the three year old sect has no problem with that one!

Here are some of my favorite shots of Miss Hayley. She can't take a bad picture - which will make her family's job very difficult. What a beauty!