A Peek Behind the Curtain | week 3

I love taking pictures of food. Ha, but not because I'm some serious foodie. 

I like capturing what I eat - will it be the same next month? Next year? In five years?

I like capturing the food's details - the colors, textures, the hot and cold of it. 

And then, sometimes, my meal happens to be the only thing that would sit still for me that day. :)


week 3


I have become a lettuce snob. Over the summer I made a habit of buying lettuce - just like this - by the pound at the Tosa Farmer's Market. Seeing that it is winter in Wisconsin, I had to improvise my salad ingredients. I bought a big container of this lettuce from Costco and LOVED it. When I can't get all the way to Costco, I buy it from the grocery store but oh, wow, it's so expensive there! Knowing that I will eat it (all) and it tastes better than a regular head of green or red leaf lettuce, it makes the extra cost worth it.