Stories Framed Photography | Best of 2013

Happy New Year, my Stories Framed friends! 

The past year has been so absolutely fantastic and I have YOU to thank! I am so grateful for all your support and excitement. I really believe 2013 was QUITE the year and I cannot wait to see what 2014 has in store. 

Speaking of 2014 - raise your hand if you've made New Year's Resolutions (or Goals, as I like to call them. It's less scary). I hope "call Abbie to get family portraits taken" is on that list. It's not? Well, put it on there! Quick, before they grow up. Then contact me for a session date, check something off your to-list and SMILE. You've accomplished something and it's only January 2!

For now , though, all I want to do is share what the last year looked like. It was certainly a beautiful year!

THIS was 2013 according to Stories Framed Photography...

(click to enlarge)

You SO want to be in the year-end roundup for 2014, don't you??? Email me and we will make that happen. 

If you were pictured above, thank you once again. You rock.