Monday Musing: Why I Photograph

Why do you take pictures?

Oh, it's such a loaded question.

There are SO. MANY. REASONS. I am a documenter. I'm creative. I am visual. I love colors. I love contrast. I appreciate light and lines. I enjoy challenging myself to get that perfect capture. I love interacting with the kids who I photograph (yes, even when they're mine. ESPECIALLY when they're mine. And willing.) I love when I freeze a moment in time, a story stopped in motion.

There are a million more tiny pieces to the puzzle of my WHY. Let me tell you about a big one that I was recently reminded about. It was an A-HA moment for me. "THAT is why I do this," I thought to myself.


It's all about PRINTS

I was talking to a dear friend about the photos from her wedding. (I don't shoot weddings, but it's the general idea that I'm getting at here.) She told me that sure, she liked her wedding pictures, and would love to have them hanging on her walls, in an album, somewhere. I offered to help her hang pictures. No, she told me. They were on the CD that the photographer gave her. She was at a complete loss about what to do with all the hundreds of digital images from her wedding. 

And the kicker? She and her husband have been happily married for over ten years

Her wedding pictures may as well not exist, hiding in an envelope, in a box, in a closet in a corner of her house that she hardly frequents. Covered with dust. So sad.

This is why I offer a variety of print options to my clients. I want you to enjoy the pictures that you paid for. I want them hanging on your wall, displayed on your desk, in a book on your coffee table. I want you to be filled with joy when you see your kids, frozen in time, smiling and happy and staring back at you.

THIS. You want THIS on your walls. 

THIS. You want THIS on your walls. 

Every session I shoot automatically includes a free 8x12 "Story Framed", ready to hang on your wall. You choose the image, I deliver it to you framed. 

If in ten years you still haven't hung your framed family portrait, the only possible reason could be that you ran out of nails. If that's the case, maybe I'll have to start providing nails with each order...

Come back soon and read about another A-HA moment. The next one may be all TOO relatable for you.

P.S. In the meantime, get on my schedule for this spring. You know you need your family pictures, just email me and get them scheduled. Starting is the hardest part - you can do it! CLICK HERE. OR HERE