We Have a New Baby... Who Barks | Stories Framed Photography | Wauwatosa Family (and dog) Photography

Some kids will go back to school after Spring Break and talk all about their fun trip to sunny Florida. Some kids will talk about their trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum. My kids will go back to school with a new little sister. In the form of a puppy.

We took the plunge! We added on to our family and adopted this beautiful little girl, the apple of all of our eyes.

Meet Shadow - our 3 1/2 month old Lab Mix. She has black, shiny fur with deep brown eyes. She is sweet, loving, a little shy and hates going potty outside. (AKA Mommy is house training the dog so if I make no sense it's because I'm DOG TIRED. Pun intended but at the present moment not too funny. Please send coffee.)

Looking at those pictures, I still can't believe that dog is OURS. Oh my GOSH!! As David said last night, "Daddy, punch me. I think I'm dreaming." (That's not a typo, haha.)

So... do you have a family dog? Unlike when I had (human) babies and unsolicited advice was annoying, this time around I would love to hear ideas on house training, obedience training, feeding and living with a dog in general. Leave your suggestions, ideas and stories in the comments. (Please?) 

Also, now that the weather is improving, if you have a family pet that you would like to include in your next family portrait session, make sure you tell me so I know to bring treats. :) Schedule that family session right here.

You can be sure that there will be many, many more photos of Shadow. She will probably be one of the most photographed dogs in history. Probably.

For now, I'm going to "rest my eyes" for a few minutes until it's time to go outside again (35 minutes and counting).