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Backtracking here. (You are not alone. NO ONE is EVER caught up telling stories.)

A few weeks ago we went to a Brewers game. And it was a (gasp!) school night. It happened to be TMJ 620 Night at the ballpark so naturally the game was on 6-2. At 6:20 PM. Guess how much tickets cost? A whopping $6.20. Woot!

Before the game, we attended the TMJ tailgate. Well, my husband was grilling burgers and dogs for Journal staff so we were invited. It's not like I tend to crash other people's tailgates... with my kids in tow! Hehe. 

It was a beautiful night. One of those "beautiful nights" you can't even put into words because the air and the sun and the sky all just felt so magical. And the light. Oh, the light. It was perfect light. It was one of those nights you want to bottle up and look at in the coldest part of winter.

I took full advantage to the awesome light, the game of catch and the landmark background...

This last photo is my new favorite. The look on that kid's face. It has "I'm gonna play football even if you say I can't" written all over it. Plus, like I said, the light was PERFECT. 

If we shoot your family pictures during the Golden Hour, we can get this beautiful light and more. Imagine golden puddles of sunshine laying at your feet. Green trees and an antique chair to sit on. Email me today to set up your SUPER-MAGICAL Golden Hour photo shoot. 

Oh, and by the way. This is too incredible. You will never believe what the score of the baseball game was. This is NUTS: it was 6-2. Seriously. 

Go Brewers!