Chicago Bridal Shower | Stories Framed Photography | Wisconsin Family Photography

Sometimes I shoot outside of my comfort zone. It's good to push yourself, right? So I was asked to photograph a bridal shower and happily agreed - even though it was far from my normal realm of non-nerve-wracking photography. I can do it. No problem.

I was picturing big, bright windows, lots of sunshine and lots of light. What I found when I arrived was the exact opposite. We were in a lovely private room upstairs, away from any windows, light or sunshine. The room was dark and dramatic. Beautiful, just dark. It pays to be flexible - and know how to use your equipment. I could have panicked. But instead, I simply adjusted my trusty BFF camera and off we went...

Congratulations to Mindy on your upcoming wedding! Best of wishes to you! I am so excited for you!

If you would like Stories Framed Photography to capture your family for some memorable images, contact me to today to get on my calendar. Whether you want dark and dramatic or light and bright - I can do it. Let's make a date!