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I got an email in the middle of the day yesterday from my 5th grade daughter. (Which, for now, is completely adorable.) I was half-expecting it to say "bring me Chapstick" or "charge my iPad" or even "where's my water bottle?" but it didn't. I was shocked, relived and overjoyed at what I saw.

"Mom, can Madison and I go to the public library after school to read?"

Wait. Let me --- YES!!!

So after school, Madison and Samantha and David and our carpool buddy Aidan all trekked over to the public library for some quality reading time.

David was visibly amused by a Jay Leno joke book.

Aidan was fascinated by something Madison had to say.

Samantha was in search of the perfect science fiction book about dragons.

And then there's Madison....

Seriously? Seriously.

This girl is years ahead of her time. She is serious. She is thoughtful. She is playful. She is smart. She is GORGEOUS. All at the same time.

Oh yeah, and she can be a total ham, too.

Madison, my dear, we can go to the library any time you want.