A Man and His Chocolate Lab | Birthday Sneak Peek

The most important thing first - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Tom asked me if I could get a little Sneak Peek out by his birthday.

How about ON his birthday?


Tom had me out to his home for a special portrait session. He and Ace needed some photos together. Ace, the chocolate lab who is camera shy. (I recognize the head turn because my own Fur Baby does the same thing!)

Not only that, Tom’s grandmother was visiting from China and he wanted to capture their time together.

Now THAT is sweet.

Whatever your reason, don’t wait until it’s too late, the family moves away or goes back home. Schedule family photos while you can and you will appreciate your efforts later.

Learn more about family photos HERE.

Pair of Sisters | Wales Family Sneak Peek

I love this family!

These two sisters, Madison and Morgan, are so close, they practically think for each other. They are constantly fixing each other to perfection, making sure the other one looks her best, without a hair out of place.

Their mom, Kristin, is doting and loving and adores them with all her heart. She seems to really get them, which is saying something when you have teenagers.

And then there’s their step-dad, Jim. He’s the quiet observer amidst all the chaos. He just stands off to the side watching and listening. If I didn’t know better, he’s probably secretly writing some crazy “Day in the Life”-type memoir.

Meanwhile I’m standing in front of all of them with my camera going, “So, who’s first?” and “How did you all get MORE beautiful?!”

Here’s your little Sneak Peek, Kristin. This is a lovely candid shot, surely right after they both rolled their eyes at each other.

Madison and Morgan, you are both gorgeous!

And Jim, if you need the name of a publisher…


Fall is coming and Family Season is right around the corner. My autumn weekends are already booking quickly. If you’re thinking of getting your crew together for updated family photos and some holiday cards, don’t delay. I’m scheduling sessions - yes, for real - through the end of the year.

Extended Family Reunion | Sibling Sneak Peek

When you think of an extended family portrait session - or a photo shoot for a family reunion - do you think it’s just a matter of getting “that one shot” of the whole big group?

Sure, it is. That’s the highlight of the event, no question.

However, my job is to give you much more than just “that one shot”.

Here’s a list of some of the must-gets at an extended family session:

  1. Entire family

  2. Grandparents

  3. Grandparents with grandchildren

  4. Grandparents with grown children

  5. Grown siblings

  6. Grown siblings and spouses

  7. Cousins

  8. Each family unit

  9. Couples

  10. Children by themselves

There are so many more — and my role is to suggest combinations that you may not have considered. The day can get away from you; concerns about clothes, kids behaving and grandma getting tired keep your mind busy. Leave the photography and shot list to me.

Looking to book an extended family session this fall? I’d love to help! Let’s talk!

This weekend I photographed the stunning extended Kandula family … reunited for the first time in years.

As a surprising bonus, the family dog escaped the house and ran into the garden at a serendipitous moment. It made for THE perfect sibling portrait! Can you say canvas over the mantle?


Rauch Family Sneak Peek | a day at the beach

The annual day of Photos with Jenna and Her Adorable Family finally arrived! It’s always so fun to see them and do a round of speed-catch-up, chase the GROWING kiddos around and capture some family moments. (And with a toddler, it really is a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment!)

We met up at a beautiful park that was attached to a beach… that definitely will be seeing me and my camera again. The perfect weather that we had requested arrived as ordered. The breeze was blowing, the sun was shining, the kids were happy. It couldn’t have been any more idyllic if we tried.

Thanks Jenna and Dan! We had a wonderful morning together and I’m sure you will love the rest of your photos.

For now, here’s your Sneak Peek…. can’t you just feel that hug coming?


What kind of location fits your story? Are you beach people? Is a garden more your speed? Or maybe you prefer funky, urban surroundings? All my portrait sessions are custom built around YOU. Let’s talk about what sparks you up and we can create some beautiful family heirlooms to show it all off.

Quick Before They Grow Up | Eccles Family Then + Now

We watch as our kids grow… from littles to kids to teens to… (I’ll stop there since my mascara is already running). My biggest hope for any family is that they capture their kids in each and every stage.

Sure, it may be cell phone snapshots. It might be a point and shoot you’re using. It may even be another mom on the field trip who had a camera that day.

In the best case, it’s all of those PLUS a regularly scheduled family portrait with your favorite photographer. (cough cough)

The Eccles family knows the value of those memories. Their home is filled with snapshots and framed photos and happy moments frozen in time.

THEN - 2013

THEN photos taken in 2013

NOW - 2018

NOW - All grown up!
Sweet sweet mother and son photo - he just loves it!

I love working with this adorable family. One, they’re adorable (just look at them!) and two, they know what they like. They love the outdoors, traveling and bike riding. And they love Tosa.

Family walking across a bridge in Wauwatosa
Father and son shot!
This young man is all grown up!

Photography Tip

Regularly scheduled family photos don’t have to be hard! Here are 4 tips to get them scheduled with ease:

  1. SET A REMINDER in your calendar or favorite task app to call your photographer when it’s time to schedule photos. Her phone number is 262-366-7980.

  2. DO IT ONCE at the beginning of the year. Once the date is set (even if it gets moved due to weather or game schedules) at least it’s on your calendar. You don’t have to think about it until it gets closer to the date.

  3. ASK FOR A NUDGE from your photographer. I’ll bet she has no problem giving you a ring at your requested season to get something scheduled. Again, it’s off your plate until it’s time to answer the phone!

  4. RE-BOOK at your Reveal + Selection Appointment. It may feel strange booking another session as you are choosing the photos from your current session, but imagine your delight when you get a call a year later saying it’s time for your next session. How relieving and fun is that?

  5. BONUS TIP! If you choose Stories Framed Photography for your family photos, you will get a reminder to re-book a year after your last session.

Candid family photos are the best!
Candid photos sometimes get the best shots.

So there’s a next stage coming soon for the Eccles family. Remember my running mascara? Well, “little” Ezra’s senior photos are up next. Oh dear…

Don’t wait! If you haven’t already, take a few minutes today and schedule your family photos. You’ll be glad you did.