Headshot Happy Hour | FAQ

In just a few days Stories Framed Photography will be hosting Headshot Happy Hour at Mo's Irish Pub in Wauwatosa. As we approach the big day (Wednesday, 4-8 PM, if you don't already have it marked on your calendar) I've been getting some great questions from people who are planning to attend. So, I thought it would help everyone out if I posted a sweet little FAQ page. 

Click image to go to Headshot Happy Hour info page.

Click image to go to Headshot Happy Hour info page.

Headshot Happy Hour FAQ's

Q: Is this at the Mo's in Tosa?

A: Yes it is! Mo's Tosa is on the corner of Mayfair and Bluemound Roads. Depending on where you are coming from, watch out for the construction - Bluemound doesn't go through near the zoo and I45 exit onto Wisconsin is closed. 

Q: What time is it called for?

A: The event starts at 4:00 PM and is scheduled to end at 8:00 PM. However, if there is a giant crowd still waiting for to take their picture, I will stay until the job is done. (within reason) 

Q: I'm coming right after work - I might look a mess. 

A: While technically, that is not a question, I know where you're going with this. Not to worry - Sandra Hoeft with Mary Kay will be on location doing complimentary makeup touchups. 

Q: Will you fix the glare on my eyeglasses?

A: What glare? I'm kidding. IF there is bothersome glare I will do my best to fix it. However, there should not be any glare. That's why you hire a pro, wink wink. The one caveat is if you did not pay the big bucks for anti-reflective glasses. 

Q: How long will it be before I get my pictures? And how will I get them?

A: Ah! Two great questions! You will have your new headshot within two weeks. I will send you a link to Dropbox so you can download the files directly to your computer/device.

Q: And I can use these for LinkedIn and Facebook?

A: You sure can! In fact, I will send you a file pre-formatted for use on social media. No thinking involved! Yay!

Q: What color is the backdrop?

A: I am planning on having two choices available - black and white.

Q: What should I wear?

A: This is a very common question. First, remember the picture is only shoulders-up. Make your wardrobe decision based on your industry and your position. (i.e. conservative offices = conservative clothing, creative workplace = creative wardrobe, etc.) Try to dress in classic, solid colors with minimal jewelry. 

Q: What kind of payment do you accept?

A: As always, cash is king. However, I don't plan on having change so bring the exact amount ($104.54 with tax). I also take checks and all major credit cards. Please, leave your chickens at home. I cannot accept those as payment at this time.

Q: OK, I'm in! What does my $99 get me?

A: I'm so glad you're coming! You will get a brand new, professional headshot sent right to your in-box. I will have appetizers for you to enjoy and I will buy your first drink at the bar. Not to mention, I have some awesome door prizes to give away. Oh, and you just might be able to do some business-to-business networking, too!

Do you have any other questions? Message me and I'll help you out.

Can't wait to see you on Wednesday!