Reminder: Headshot Happy Hour is in SIX DAYS

Did you forget about Headshot Happy Hour? Nooooo! You wouldn't dream of forgetting about it. No way! Well, just in case, go right now and write it down in your calendar. You know, just in case. (wink wink)

Keep reading.... I've got an exciting new addition to HSHH and I can't wait to tell you!

NEW ADDITION! (here it is, incase you missed the ALL CAPS and BOLD type.)

There will be a makeup artist on hand to touch you up before you step in front of the camera. My new friend  Sandra Hoeft, an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, will be offering complimentary makeup touch ups. This is a fantastic little benefit for you, especially if you are coming straight from work. (Thanks, Sandra!)

Got questions about Headshot Happy Hour? Email me and I will answer you. (Promise, swear.)

My next HSHH post will be all the FAQs about all the things you might (or might not) be wondering. 

Until then.... let's plan to see each other next Wednesday!