Stories Framed Photography's Holiday Photo Gift Guide | Day #1

We are at the point in the holiday season where you have identified yourself as one of the following types of people:

  1. You are an over-achiever and all your holiday shopping is done because you've been doing it all year and hiding it - wrapped! - in a secret storage space under the rug in your dining room. I do not like you. But you are sort of spy-like so I will pretend to like you so you don't kill me in my sleep. With glitter as your weapon of choice, of course.
  2. You have started dabbling in holiday shopping because you have found a Thing here and a Thing there. Aside from those few Things you've bought yourself (don't lie), you are really just getting started with your gifts for everyone else. Panic is about to set in, but you know you can pull yourself together and make magic happen. No glitter will be spilt in the process, though, because it's simply too hard to clean up.
  3. You woke up this morning, looked at the date (it's December 1, in case you didn't know) and fell out of bed. You are in complete denial about the holidays and the gifts and everything else. You still think it's September. You will now start your semi-panicked shopping, with Twitter, Facebook and Amazon as your go-to shopping guides (not that there's anything wrong with that!). As for glitter, well, you don't even want to THINK about it. You're still finding glitter in the carpeting from that one year you thought you could handle using it. 

Sound familiar? Yep. Me too.

Whether you are an over-achiever or in complete denial, I am here to help you find some extra-special gifts for the people in your life.

Let's start easy.

Gift certificates are sometimes the best gift of all. They always fit. The color is always perfect. And THIS gift certificate is more than just a THING. A gift certificate for a family session - or even that long overdue extended family session - is the perfect gift.

Surely you have a wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, teacher, sister or neighbor who is just TOO BUSY right now to schedule family photos. With a Stories Framed Photography gift certificate, she can make the appointment at her convenience. 

Gift certificates are available in any amount. They are wrapped - with a treat - and ready to give. Contact me TODAY to purchase Stories Framed Photography gift certificates.

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