Stories Framed Photography's Holiday Photo Gift Guide Day #2

Did you miss Day #1? Not only did I give a fantastic gift idea, I carefully categorized the three types of people around the holiday season. Which group are you in? Go here to find out.

Now onto a sweet little goodie. This is one of my favorite things on the Stories Framed Photography product list.

Stories Framed Photography Holiday Gift Guide | day two

Sometimes, in my head, *I* know what I'm talking about and think that everyone else knows what I am thinking as well. ("Nooooooo way," says my husband, nodding his head vigorously behind my back.) Do you know what a Mini Accordion Booklet is? Let me show you instead of hoping you can read my mind.... 

These little guys make a perfect gift for grandma (especially convenient if your kids happen to have THREE grandmas, echem). They make THE cutest little brag book. 

  • Set of three identical books
  • Wallet sized, great for ANY sized purse or pocket
  • 10 photos
  • Magnetic closures (also available with elastic closure, as pictured)
  • Sure to make grandma smile

Current and past clients: contact me ASAP to place your order in time for Christmas.
Not a client? Or are you a VERY past client with outdated photos? Book a session and give an I.O.U. to grandma for the accordion booklet. (BONUS POINTS if your kids make the I.O.U.)