Stories Framed Photography's Holiday Photo Gift Guide | Day #3

Chugging right along with this Holiday Gift Guide, here we are on Day #3. 

Do you have a deep-seeded desire to re-ignite the lost art of the handwritten note? Do you feel your kids should learn to write proper thank you notes? If you know me at all, you know I always have and still do hand-write notes to people. Thank you notes or just because notes, it's always nice to get mail that isn't a bill.... and even nicer when it's because someone was thinking about you.

SFP Holiday Gift Guide Day 3

The cards below were a gift for a newlywed couple. (Someday you will read all about their story! It's an amazing one.)

Imagine the moment your daughter/sister/brother/favorite person opening this gift to find a set of beautiful note cards personalized with their photo, their name, their words. A thoughtful and unexpected gift for anyone.

BONUS TIP: Go for the Gift-Giving GOLD. Include a nice pen to use for the notecards. Need a suggestion on a good pen? I'm SUPER picky, but THESE are my new all-time favorite pens - Uni-Ball Signo 270. 

Contact me today and I can get your cards designed, printed, wrapped and delivered to you before Christmas. If you really want, I'll even get the pens for you. ;)