Stories Framed Photography's Holiday Photo Gift Guide | Day #4

It's FRIIIIIIday!!!!! And I have a fun gift idea for you today. Actually, I'm sharing an super-exclusive product that I usually only make available for my #MKEkids sessions. 

SFP Holiday Photo Gift Guide Day four

A photo collage doesn't have to be 100 little photos that are indistinguishable. It can be five, three or even one photo.  This is one that I offer to my Tweens... it's simple and cool and I think they like it. 

#MKEkids photo board

Then there is the multi-photo concept that I'm sure needs no explanation.... 

SFP Photo Collage

Contact me right away to place your order in time for the holidays. If you are not a past/current client, contact me to set up a session in 2016 and we will carefully and artfully design your custom photo collage.

P.S. If you are following along and waiting for that EXTRA-special gift idea, MAKE SURE you check back tomorrow. (Blatant hint if I ever saw one.)