Stories Framed Photography's Holiday Photo Gift Guide

Saturday's BOGO sale on prints was so good that I had to skip a day of the Gift Guide to recover.


So I'm back (did ya miss me?) with Day #6 on this holiday gift list. Today's gift idea is one that TRULY keeps on giving. 

SFP Holiday Photo Gift Guide day six headshots

Think of your gift-buying list. Who on this list is in the middle of a job search? Do any of your friends or family have a Linkedin profile (whether happily employed or not)? Now... let's get down to it.... of those people, who has a (GASP!) selfie as a profile picture? Or a picture that a "friend with a camera" took while he stood against a white wall? Or, possibly even more tragic than a selfie, a crop-out of a family photo?

I don't need any names. The guilty will not be charged with any crimes. Just calmly form a line right here to immediately purchase them a Stories Framed Gift Certificate valid for a headshot session. 

Oh, and before you dismiss the idea... business headshots are not just for job-seekers. 

Your friend will feel more confident with a professionally photographed headshot. Her business will be taken more seriously with a professional photo instead of a camera-phone snapshot. He will finally get that promotion/raise/assignment because he took the time represent himself online in a professional photo.

Click here for more information about my headshot program.

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Do you employ a staff of great, hard-working employees who just happen to ALL need (and deserve!) nice, shiny and new headshots? As a holiday bonus, why don't you schedule a day for everyone to get their headshots taken? If there are 10+ people, I will even come to your place of work with my headshot studio setup.