#MKEkids Winners Coming to Instagram!

Hey you, young people! I didn't forget you. 

I'm rolling out all the BIG WINNERS on Instagram starting today. Are you SO excited or what?

If you are one of my winners, here's the dealio:

Yes, you really get a FREE PHOTOSHOOT with up to four of your BFFs. This is an awesome end-of-school year keepsake before you move on to a new class and a new school. (No crying!) You will always have THESE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS of you and your BFFs.


So, what now?

WINNERS - do these things right away:

  1. Most importantly, HAVE YOUR PARENTS CALL ME to set up the session. Without their permission, I can't do anything. Email works too.
  2. This is important, too: the session MUST BE HELD BY JUNE 30.
  3. The session is for you and up to four of your friends. It will be about an hour long. Everyone will get a complimentary framed photo from the session. (Yay!)
  4. Photos will be posted on Instagram and probably here, too. The entire session will also be available for viewing on a private proof site. Links will be sent when the site is loaded with all your amazing pictures.
  5. We WILL talk about wardrobe and hair and makeup. But here's a summary: BE YOU

If you are NOT one of my winners:

Sad face. Thank you for entering. Thank you for following #MKEkids. I am so excited to roll out this new division of Stories Framed Photography JUST FOR TWEENS. You are a special and unique group of people with something spectacular to say. Keep following #MKEkids... 

Are you a MOM of one of a kid between 10-14 years old?  Are you curious about these BFF photo shoots? Contact me for more information. Are you struggling with a birthday party idea? A birthday gift idea? Click below and let's talk... I think I can help you!