Stories Framed Photography's Photo Holiday Gift Guide Day #8

We're getting closer. Do you have your shopping done? Er. Do you have your shopping STARTED? Oh boy. Well, make sure you check out the rest of my gift ideas and then call me. Like, right away. I will help you not be in the doghouse this holiday season.

Speaking of holidays, today's gift idea is a rather festive one.

Now that you have beautiful family portraits from this year, you should have it on your Christmas tree every year. One day (too soon) when you're hanging the ornaments for the season, you'll see this ornament and exclaim, "look how little they were!"

Quick, before they grow up.

Metal ornaments with your little ones' pictures on the front will make the perfect gift for anyone... who knows and loves your kids. Even yourself!

Contact me today for your 2015 custom photo ornament.