Stories Framed Photography 2017 Holiday Gift Guide | Day 4

Before you read on, you may want to catch up on the previous ideas from the list... 
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Onto today... it's a good one! 

In your family, who is the most difficult person to buy gifts for? Aside from the "person who has it all", I would have to guess a child between the ages of 10-14. Am I right? Yes, I'm right. You don't need you to tell me. I KNOW that tweens are HARD to please. They can be really picky - now that they have developed opinions and all. But when you do get it right with them... oh man, you are a HERO!



Imagine her delight when she learns that her and her Best-Friends-Forever will be getting together on the Friday night of their choosing to have their very own just-for-fun photo shoot. Each participant will get their own framed photo to remember the day and the hostess will also get a brag book with all the photos from the session. 

This is more than just a party. You are gifting these kids the opportunity to have a fun night - and not need social media to remember it!

Side effects may include... a giant hug and "thank you!" being screamed into your ear. 

Learn more about my tween program -- #MKEkids -- and schedule your hard-to-buy's BFF session - or even a birthday party!