Stories Framed Photography 2017 Holiday Gift Guide | Day 9

Need to catch up with the rest of my super-awesome gift ideas? Here they are...

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DAY 5 - year-round ornament
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DAY 7 - take notes
DAY 8 - business portraits



I have absolutley fallen in love with these adorable and beautifully crafted local gift items. 

Ellen is the creative mind and hands behind the paper... and she does more than just paper, by the way. Check out this A-MAZING scented candle-in-a-jar with the Milwaukee skyline. How does "Blood Orange & Mahogany" sound to you? Multiply that x100. THAT'S how good it smells. 

ADDED BONUS: When you're done with the candle, there are instructions on how to clean the jar so you can use it as a drinking glass! The gift that keeps on giving!

Personally, I have my eye on her Mini Love states.... I want to get one for each state I've lived in. Do you know where I've lived? 

P.S. Tomorrow is a special day (wink wink).... so I have a SUPER-SPECIAL deal for you! Check back for tomorrow's gift idea. DON'T MISS IT!