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A Special Request

In the past couple days I've gotten emails from people asking me mostly the same thing -- where are the pictures of your slippers and your cold coffee? 

In my previous post I discussed my Photo a Day project. I'm going into my fifth year of taking a photo very single day. I mentioned that not all my pictures are perfect, frame-able landscapes or portraits. Sometimes I desperately snap a picture - literally - at the eleventh hour of things like my feet while watching TV, a bowl of popcorn while watching TV or even - yes, my cat or dog sitting in my lap while watching TV. (I guess I should admit here that I might have a problem...)

So, my friend, here are some of those daily photos. Realize while you look at them that they are not great, maybe not even pretty, well composed or decently lit. But they are LIFE. And the reason I didn't do a big set up or prepare for a "better" photo for that day is BECAUSE of life. As it should be, right?

03.365 | not needed.

Yes, that's a DOOR KNOB. If you're curious, click on the photos and it will lead you to Flickr where I have captioned all my images.

29.365 | new kicks.

Um... as requested - my feet. 

52.365 | cold and dreary.

Here's a real winner. Shot between the mini blinds, fingers included.

57.365 | whoops.

This one takes the cake. Office supplies. Wow.

170.365 | one of those nights.

This one is probably the #1 most repeated shot in my 365 Project. The surroundings vary (karate class, backyard, living room). The drink changes (coffee, wine, Diet Coke) and the book is always different. But there's always a book in my lap. And repeat.