Class of 2016

Tosa East High School Senior Portraits | class of 2016 | Amelia

This is it. Today is graduation day. And this is my final post (sniff!) from my class of 2016 senior sessions. So, without further babble...

Introducing the beautiful and talented Amelia Moore.  


This was such a fun session to work on with her. We met at the Harley Davidson Museum... no, Amelia doesn't ride a motorcycle. Quite the contrary... check this out:

When Amelia told me she wanted photos in her toe shoes, I just about fell out of my chair. This would be SO MUCH FUN. Let's do it. And so we did. 

This next image is my ABSOLUTE favorite. Breathtaking. 


(take a breath)

You need to know a little about Amelia... she has been dancing for 12 years. She plays the violin. She won nationals for her government debate class. She loves history. And someday, she will judge you. But not in a mean and gossipy way -- Amelia aspires to someday become a  Supreme Court Justice. Brilliant!


Another thing you should know about Ameila - she is determined. If she wants to someday be a Supreme Court Justice, well, I'd be willing to bet that she will do it. Put her name in a pocket somewhere because when the time comes, you will hear it again. Likely with the words "esteemed" and "respected" closeby. 


I wish all the success in the world to you, Amelia. If I know you, you will do fantastic work, no matter what it is. Congratulations on your graduation!


A quick note to Amelia's equally darling mom, Ardith: stop crying. ;)

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Waukesha West High School Senior Portraits | class of 2016 | Spencer

Graduation is sneaking up on us, so let's say hello/goodbye to another member of the Class of 2016... Spencer Pierce. 

Remember that name - someday he will either be playing on a ballfield near you or he'll be your boss. Maybe both. Spencer IS pretty motivated.


He has aspirations of becoming the next big CEO. He loves business. In fact, he said business classes give him - wait for it - "nerdbumps". I adore this kid... anyone makes up witty new words is pretty cool in my book. 

Spencer is truly a sweet kid. I can just tell that his family is very important to him. And clearly, his parents adore him right back. They both attended Spencer's session and it was so endearing to watch them watching him. (passes the box of tissues...)

However. I do have one small, itty bitty bone to pick with Spencer. I am SO proud that he chose a college to attend in the fall. It's a tough decision to make. Only... but... well...he picked the wrong one! 

Poor kiddo, he was bound to learn, sooner or later, that Iowa State University is the top school I root against during football season. Yup, that's right. I graduated from the University of Iowa (reigning champs!). So... I gueeeess I'll find a way to forgive Spencer for this humongously terrible life decision. 

(Spencer, you DO know I'm totally joking with you, right? I really couldn't be happier for you! You are going to take the world by storm, starting with Ames, Iowa. Go get em!)

Go Hawkeyes!


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Muskego High School Senior Portraits | class of 2016 | Arthur

May begins the quick descent into the graduation celebration season. I thought, what better reason to kick off my class of 2016 senior introductions. For the next month, come back and read about the awesome high school seniors I photographed and see what makes them so special.

Let's start with Arthur... 

No amount of shyness will steer me away. My end-goal is always to capture my subject's essence, personality and mood. I was able to do just that with Arthur - PLUS a smile!

In a few of the shots below, it looks like he's smirking because he probably was. I was doing everything to make a COMPLETE AND TOTAL FOOL of myself just to make him smile. It worked. And now Arthur surely thinks I'm an idiot.... but his mom is happy, and in the end, that's all that matters. 


Arthur has a shoveling and lawn service that keeps him busy. Hire him quick for the summer because come fall, he'll be off to college! In September Arthur will be a freshman business student at  UW-Madison. 

Good luck, Arthur! I wish you the best of luck in your BRIGHT future! 


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