Wauwatosa Family Photography | The Klug Four

{WHISPERS: And now, freshly emerged from the chaotic cocoon of Busy Season capped off by seasonal holidays and travel, the newly rested photographer begins unveiling all the work she did in the last six months. It's a scientific marvel! Let's watch as it all unfolds...}

Last summer I had the chance to catch up with this sweet-as-pie family.  And when I say sweet, I really mean that all four of these people have the kindest hearts and - I'm pretty sure - nary a mean bone in their bodies.

Wauwatosa Family of 4 Portrait

First, we have Gemma. Her mom says she's independent and strong willed (my kind of girl!). I would like to interject here -- she is also adorable!

These two images are my favorites of Gemma... and once again, I couldn't decide between black and white or color. 

Next we have little sister Gabby. According to her mom, she's a social butterfly. According to their photographer, she is not afraid of the camera. 

Wauwatosa Child Photography little girl and her teddy bear

These two sisters get along like peas and carrots. In public. While being photographed. (right mom?)

Wauwatosa Child Photography sisters holding hands

They sure love their dad! I feel like this may show up again at one of their weddings... sniff!

Thank you to the Klug family! It's loyal clients like you who are the reason I do what I do... and LOVE what I do!

SE Wisconsin Family of 4

Ooh! One more thing -- check out this adorably fun little video recap of their family session. 

Gabby and Gemma made it look so easy! (Because it is.) Let's talk about getting your family photographed next!

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Holiday Mini Sneak Peek | Gemma + Gabby

I can't keep up with myself. This busy season of family photos has been amazing. AMAZING. 

This lovely family already has their gallery but I just had to post a Sneak Peek anyway. These two girls are SO COMPLETELY adorable. 

As a side note, to all parents who schedule a family portrait session and arrive totally worried that their kids won't cooperate....

  1. I've been there (more recently than I care to admit).
  2. Once the photographer takes charge, the kids either are totally agreeable or they run away crying. Either way, it was memorable, right?
  3. Don't worry. I got this.