May 2014

Somebody Got a Makeover | Stories Framed Photography | Milwaukee Family Photography

I would definitely not call myself a car person. I currently drive a minivan and aspire to someday drive a sedan or maybe another Jeep (I loved my Jeep). And I'm thinking when that happens, the current year's model would be a-ok with me. 


I went back to Valenti Classics recently to take before and after pictures of the 620 WTMJ Classic Free Ride car. The last time I shot pictures there, I surprised myself and fell in love with a beautiful white Corvette. This is so unlike me. But I'll tell ya, if these literal works of art were staring you in the face, you'd be swayed, too.

So, every summer WTMJ gives away an updated classic car. This year is no different, except that this year, the refurbishing went above and beyond. First, rather than making it look like a 1969 Ford Mustang in the year 1969, it was a complete and total makeover. It went  from utter trash to jaw-dropingly posh in less than three months. In the vehicle restoration vocabulary, this baby went through a what's called a Restomod. 

Rather than boring you with a detailing of their process (which, truth be told, I wouldn't be able to describe anyhow) let me show you some of the before and after photos. I should warn you, there are some shocking photographs, so be sure to sit down before viewing.

Pretty amazing right? Like I said earlier, I'm not a car person. In fact, I'm so not a car person, that one of the Valenti guys said I should shoot the embedded exhaust pipe and I took a picture of a tail light. (doh.) So, not being a car person, even I am crushing on this blue beauty.

Through all of this, it came to me. How fun would it be to have a family photo session with a cool classic car? Do you have one? Do you know someone who has one? Let's do it! Email me right away and reserve a spot on my calendar.

Oh, and then there's this:

I just saw the playback of the Morning Blend segment and ---- guess who's (sorta) on TV??  What a nerdy little speck on your screen.

So You Want a Free Session? | Stories Framed Photography | Wauwatosa Family Photography Client Referral Program

I am SO excited to share this with you.


Introducing... the NEW and EVEN MORE AWESOME Stories Framed Photography Referral Program. Hang on to your hats, people. Here it is.

Are these not the cutest little cards? Now, all the answers to your questions.... 


Use these beautifully designed and personalized referral cards to share your love for Stories Framed Photography. They're so pretty, it would be a shame to throw them away... so you might as well just hand them out. Riiight?

In the next week, I will be shipping out referral card packets to all my past clients. If you would like some referral cards but you're not a past client, email me and I'll get some out to you as well. Also, if you need more cards, let me know and I'll send you some right away.


After your friends thank you for the great referral :) and then hire me, they will use the adorable little card to get a $25 credit toward any print package from their session


To thank you for referring your friends to Stories Framed Photography, you will get to choose your thank you gift. You can have either an 8x10 print from your session (past or future) OR a 10% discount off your next full session. This discount can be applied on top of your 10% Past Client Discount.

I'm going to drop a big hint here: There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make. You can rack up a bunch of prints if you want to. Or you can collect your Referral Discounts until your next session fee is FREE. You heard me right. A FREE SESSION. Dang.


1. Referral Cards are for new clients. The $25 discount is valid only on Print Packages or Wall Collections.

2. In order to redeem a referral credit, your friend's session must be completed and paid in full. 

3. I will keep track of all Referral Credits. If you have earned one (or more!) I will call you. If you earn more than one, I will keep a tally for you.

4. If you are not a past client, the Past Client Discount does not apply. Yet.

5. Have I said thank you? Thank you! Thanks SO much. Your referrals are the heart of my growing business. Without you, I would have to hide away in misery in my basement and never come out. (Not really. I'd leave eventually. Someone's gotta walk the dog, right?)


As soon as you get your referral card packet, go hand them out! Remind your friends that this is the best time to schedule a family photo session since my calendar will fill up QUICKLY

While you're at it, schedule your session today, too.

Are you a referral yourself? You can refer people to Stories Framed Photography, too. Why not? 

Contact me today to book your session, ask a question or make a comment.

Check out my calendar for availability.

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