The Anniversary Post - an UPDATE!

I have an update!

The sweet newlyweds  wrote about HERE had a slight change to their story. 

(Lesson Learned/Confession: in my old-ish age, my memory ain't what it used to be. Now I write stuff down.)

So how did the story change? Really, Claudia just elaborated with more details of their Fairy Tale Romance....

After they had been dating a while (in Brussels), Claudia left for the U.S.  Neither wanted a long distance relationship (who can blame them?), so they broke up. 

"But," added Claudia, "three months later he decided to come and visit me, and since then he never wanted to leave... and you know the rest of the story."

Yes we do. Oh, my heart! (sniff)

What she told me next just about broke me: "...he left everything by choice: his family, his friends, his job, his culture and country... he even gave up to the cheese and baguettes!" 

Someone get the mop, I'm a PUDDLE! 

SFP international engagement

So they had their wedding ceremony in the French Alps. 

And then they had a wedding celebration in Chihuahua, Mexico.

If you're counting, technically, they had THREE weddings in three countries.

And then.

Here's the BIG UPDATE.


Claudia sent me this.... 

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. Taken in Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. Taken in Mexico.

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. 

Photo courtesy of Claudia Francelia. 

Felicidades! Congratulations! Félicitations! 

I am over the moon happy for you both... or rather, all three of you.

Expect ANOTHER update soon. wink wink.