On the Other Side of the Lens. Part 1: The Decision.

I should practice what I preach. The shoemaker's family WILL HAVE SHOES

So here's my big, ugly confession - the last time we had professional family portraits taken was 2010. Ouch. It hurts to say it out loud. That was FIVE years ago. Do you know how much little kids can change in five years? I don't think I have to tell you. A LOT. TOO MUCH. Luckily, their mom is a professional photographer; she has taken a plethora of photos OF them, just not too many WITH them. 

Photo Credit: 2011 Proud to Introduce Photography

Photo Credit: 2011 Proud to Introduce Photography

Every year, mid-August, we take a family vacation to an undisclosed mystery location. It's a "mystery" because between my husband and I and our hyper-busy schedules, we inadvertently procrastinate planning anything for our trip until the last minute. Slackers, I know. But it's always a driving vacation so we don't have to depend on the airlines to rip us off on last minute fares.

This summer we are all SO excited to return to Estes Park, Colorado. We visited the mountain town three years ago and fell in love. We can't wait to see the Rockies and immerse ourselves in its breathtaking landscape.

Then it hit me - we should have professional family pictures taken in Colorado! I had made the decision. The gavel had been struck. I really wanted to do this. (Because, duh, the wide expanse of mountains would make me look extra-skinny!) Now I needed to run it past my Other, er, I mean Better Half...

...He said YES! In fact, he loved the idea. Photos of our family that I don't have to work for, in a place we love so very much. Sold! 

So now I had the job of finding a photographer. But, nay nay, not just any photographer. The RIGHT photographer. 

I'll fill you in on how I did that... next time, on Serial. Um, I mean on my next blog post.