Franklin HS class of 2019 | AJ's Sneak Peek

Here's the real, unfiltered truth.

Sometimes I photograph high school seniors who are just not that into being photographed. I get it: Mom is making you do it, Grandma is pestering you for an updated picture for the wall, your school has a yearbook photo deadline you have to meet or they'll use your school ID photo (noooooo!!!!!). 

But the fact is, no matter how badly you don't want your photo taken, it just makes me WANT to photograph you even more. (nanny nanny boo boo!) This goes for grownups, too. Nearly everyone comes in and says, "I hate having my photo taken," or "I'm not photogenic at all."

I don't buy it.

I submit, reasons #1, 2 and 3 for why you should hire a professional photographer.

Not because we are better trained at torturing you (though it may feel like it...). Rather, because we are trained in how to work with our clients - no matter who or how they are - to make them more comfortable in front of the camera.

When I first meet a client on location, I talk to them. Really, I babble. I ask them questions. Then I coach them through some basics of posing. Throughout the session I guide them through different ways to sit and stand for my camera. The key, I have found, is to make it as natural and easy as possible for the subject. 

The results?

This is my favorite part! More often than not, they are literally SHOCKED to see the first few shots on the back of my camera. Hmm... maybe "shocked" is not the best choice of words...

Pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with joy is more like it.

So.... Does this sound like a portrait experience you could learn to appreciate? Let's talk!

Here is AJ from Franklin High School's class of 2019.

The real, unfiltered truth on AJ? He knocked it out of the park during his session. He may have not been so thrilled to be in front of the camera, but he did SO GREAT that I actually had to make myself put my camera away or I'd keep shooting. Thanks AJ for being such good sport. You rock!


Tosa East HS class of 2019 Sneak Peek | Jack

If there were a family that DEFINED Wauwatosa, it would be this one. They love, breathe and bleed Tosa. There's even a certain Cafe right in the Tosa Village named after them, for goodness sake! (kidding.)

So what better a place to have their oldest son's senior portraits than... the park that has the heart of Tosa... and its iconic bridge... Hoyt Park.

This is Jack, a Tosa East High School senior, class of 2019. (BTW, school starts in less than 2 months, but who's counting?)


What I love about this shot is that we were actually just waiting for people to pass by us over the bridge. He popped up there and Lisa, Jack's mom, said, "Oh, that's so him!" And so it was. 

Did you conveniently "forget" that your child needs to have senior photos done this summer? Growing up is hard on all of us, I get it. But why avoid the inevitable? Let's make this a memorable - and fun! - part of your student's SENIOR YEAR. ( I know it hurts.)

Elm Grove Family Reunion Sneak Peek

Summer is a great time for a good ol' family reunion. Picture the kids running around with water balloons, grownups sharing wistful stories from back-then, the grill smoking out burgers, potato salad chilling in the fridge and ice cream cones for dessert.

You can see it, right? 

What about next year? Can you still picture it?

What if you hire a photographer to capture your day? Problem solved!

I was asked to come to an Elm Grove home (with an amaaaaazing backyard), host to a family reunion three states wide. Twenty-four people getting together on a gorgeous - albeit hot - summer day in July. And I was there to photograph them. I'm so glad - they will have these memories forever. Someday, these photos will be admired with a snicker, "Look at us back then!" 

For the family's Sneak Peek, I decided to share a group shot with this family unit whose Dad/Grandpa made the wise decision to hire me. Thanks, Perry! You've got a gorgeous family there.

Maybe you don't have a family reunion planned this summer, but why not gather up the grandparents and the kids and have your own little family photo shoot? You don't need a reason... Sometimes "just because" works just fine.

Oconomowoc Family Portrait Sneak Peek

Sometimes you need a reason to reunite the entire family. Sometimes you don't. 

For Sharon and Dan, while they don't NEEEEEED a reason, they had a good one: Dan is retiring! Congratulations to you! Enjoy every single day you have on that gorgeous lake with your beautiful wife.

I was asked to join them on Thursday, er, Friday evening (rain, rain go away) to photograph their family. This is a itty-bitty little Sneak Peek of their session... I thought it was a good one, considering the celebration at hand. (read: hooray, more time with your grandchildren!)


Do you have a family get-together this summer? Throw in some family portraits and it will be a doubly-momentous occasion. Call me for more information on family portraits. (you can check out my availability down in the right corner of your screen....)

Sneak Peek for Jakob at Pius XI + 3 steps to a great location

Senior portrait season is officially underway for the class of 2019. 

Today's Sneak Peek is Jakob from Pius XI High School. We met at an exclusive and hard-to-find (haha, not really) location. We were at the beautiful St. Francis Seminary which had so many different options for scenery. This was just one.


Are you stuck on what kind of location you want to use for your senior portraits? I guide my clients through the process of choosing.


  • I ask lots of questions! I want to find out what the senior wants as well as what the parents expect. Aside from phone conversation and sometimes even in-person consultations, I send a thorough questionnaire to my clients to learn more about them.
  • Make a connection. True story: a mom wanted her son's senior portraits at the Milwaukee art museum. The kid had no interest in art. We need to connect the location to the personality and likes of everyone involved. (We ended up doing just that for this particular family and everyone loved the results.)
  • I have options. I have developed a curated list of locations that I like to use for portrait sessions. Once I know what you are looking for, I can search my database for the right place.

Let's talk about your senior portraits! From location to wardrobe to choosing the right products - I will guide you the entire way. Click the button to get started.