Kettle Moraine HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Bryan

I love color.

I love vibrant fields of flowers, farms of lush greenery, wooded lots full of trees.

I love pops of contrasting color. I love monochromatic styles. I love rainbows.

This is why I can’t just shoot for black and white. I have a really hard time removing the color from a photograph.


Sometimes it simply needs to be done.

Maybe there’s too much color. Maybe you want to add drama. Maybe the color is taking attention away from the story.

I think…. THINK… this may be one of those times. I LOVE this environmental portrait of Bryan, a soon-to-be graduate from Kettle Moraine High School. He’s on his dad’s farm. He’s relaxed, strumming the guitar (his favorite thing to do, by the way, and it shows). The colors are beautiful. The light is perfect.

But then there’s the version in black and white.

First of all, I caught my breath when I changed it. Second, even though it’s the same photo, doesn’t Bryan -deeply focused, playing the guitar - seem to come right out of the photo? It’s almost like there’s nothing else in the scene, just the boy and the guitar and the musical notes floating off his fingers.

Well? What do you think? Color or black and white? If you were his mom, which version would be hanging on the wall?

Stay tuned for the answer… what WILL mom pick?

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Pius XI High School class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Claire

Stories Framed Photography Presents: The Photo-FAQ of the Day

Q: How do I know where to have my senior pictures?

A: You don’t have to! This is why you choose a professional portrait photographer.

My job is to know the photo-worthy places, the nooks and crannies, the popular spots (and when to avoid them!) as well as the best times of day to go to those locations.

One of the first things we do is a pre-session consultation. It’s how I get to meet the senior. I get to know them a little, hear a bit about their wishes and expectations. We may or may not decide on a location at that appointment.

That’s where Step Two comes into play. I send a questionnaire to every client - in this case your graduating senior. Aside from some “just for fun” questions, I ask about what type of locations they might want. This is part checklist, part open-ended answer. It’s easier to answer than just, “So, uh, where should we go?”

Between our in-person conversation and the answers from the questionnaire (and sometime a little help from mom or dad) we easily decide on a location for the session. I have an extensive list of locations I like to use, can use and would like to use. Mix that with the responses I’ve gotten verbally and written.

Viola! I magically come up with the perfect places. (Honestly, I sometimes surprise myself, too!)

Let’s take sweet Claire who I photographed this week. She had seemingly opposing types of locations - an urban coffee shop and a field of flowers - yet we managed to magically get the best of both worlds. (You gotta love Wauwatosa!)

I’m saving the “field of flowers” photos for their big reveal (they’re THAT good!) but here’s just one of the shots from the coffee shop.

Big thanks to Anodyne Coffee in Tosa for allowing us to use a little corner of their store patio.

Claire, here’s your Sneak Peek! I can’t wait to show you the rest!


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Extended Family Reunion | Sibling Sneak Peek

When you think of an extended family portrait session - or a photo shoot for a family reunion - do you think it’s just a matter of getting “that one shot” of the whole big group?

Sure, it is. That’s the highlight of the event, no question.

However, my job is to give you much more than just “that one shot”.

Here’s a list of some of the must-gets at an extended family session:

  1. Entire family

  2. Grandparents

  3. Grandparents with grandchildren

  4. Grandparents with grown children

  5. Grown siblings

  6. Grown siblings and spouses

  7. Cousins

  8. Each family unit

  9. Couples

  10. Children by themselves

There are so many more — and my role is to suggest combinations that you may not have considered. The day can get away from you; concerns about clothes, kids behaving and grandma getting tired keep your mind busy. Leave the photography and shot list to me.

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This weekend I photographed the stunning extended Kandula family … reunited for the first time in years.

As a surprising bonus, the family dog escaped the house and ran into the garden at a serendipitous moment. It made for THE perfect sibling portrait! Can you say canvas over the mantle?


Tosa West HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Melanie

I have a confession to make.

On occasion I meet someone - or even just see someone from a distance - and for a fleeting moment I dream about photographing them.

It might be their brilliant eyes, their amazing hair or their unique features that catch my attention. Sometimes their simple, raw beauty makes me pause. It can be anything, really.

(Ed. Note: Very rarely do I act on it because quite honestly, I know that while it might be flattering to some, it would be mostly creepy.)

A few years ago I met Melanie through the Tosa West theater department where I do cast headshots. I had THAT moment. I literally HOPED she wasn’t a senior yet. She had a classic, simple and easy beauty to her. I wanted to be the Chosen Photographer to do her senior photos.

Flash forward to this summer. I got the call! Melanie’s mom called ME for her senior pictures. I quietly jumped for joy in my little office.

What’s better is that when we discussed the style of portraits she wanted, we were totally in sync. Classic, simple, natural. Feature the subject. No frills. No props. Just focus on her girl, her oldest child.

I hope I did you right, Melanie. This is one of many more to come.


As with any classic style, this portrait works best in color OR black and white. Which do you prefer?


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Pewaukee HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Taylor

Apparently Stories Framed Photography is the official photographer for over-achievers. And ya’ know what? I’m totally okay with that! In fact, I’m relishing all the stories filled with achievements, victories and thrills.

I recently photographed Taylor for her senior photos. I knew she wanted some shots with her letterman jacket. However, when she pulled it out of her bag, I was a little bit thrown at what I saw.

Okay, so, my math skills are a little rusty, but follow me here, because I think I’m onto something: Taylor is going INTO her senior year of high school. Meaning, she has not yet played any sports for her fourth year of high school. However, she has already managed to earned FIVE chevrons for varsity sport. In three years. I mean. Wow, right?

Way to go, Taylor! That’s quite impressive.

To commemorate your achievements Pewaukee High School, there’s no better photo to share as your Sneak Peek than this one…


Whether you’re an athlete, a dancer, a musician or a hardworking academic, I would be honored to photograph you for your senior photos! We can feature you in your favorite place, with your athletic gear - or not. We can show off your talents with your musical instrument of choice - or not. We can capture you in action, in uniform or in school - or not.

Really, what it all comes down to is that it’s YOUR CHOICE. I want you (and your parents) to be happy with how your photos turn out, how your personality shines through and how this moment in your life is forever displayed in your legacy portraits.

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