Sneak Peek for Sam | Tosa West HS class of 2019

I met Sam and his dad, Mike, for Sam's senior portrait session the other day at Hart Park in Wauwatosa. We found each other at the designated meeting place and started walking toward some good spots for photos.

I said, "Right around the bend is our first location."

And what did we find? A giant row of trash cans! 

"I meant past the garbage cans."

But they joked that we should do some photos there. At first I said, no.... and then I thought (to my mistake, out loud) how funny it would be if the trash can shots were mom's Sneak Peek.


To mom's future relief, we didn't stop for the garbage.

Until we were on the way back. I just couldn't resist. 

Isn't this all you've ever dreamed about for your son's senior portraits? 


I can't torture you like this. 

There were some amazing shots from Sam's session that didn't include garbage cans or playing jokes. You will be very happy to see what we created, even with father and son jokesters up to no good. (The photographer claims complete innocence.)

This is a fantastic portrait of Sam... a natural smile, piles of freckles and his warm personality are all right there for us to see. Sam did great and I can't wait to share the rest of the session with you. 


Do you want to have a little fun with your senior portraits? Why be boring when we can explore and experiment and try something unique and different. Contact me today to get on my calendar.