Birthday Ideas

#MKEkids Tween Birthday Party | Mia is 11

Saturday night, during a break in our little snow storm, Mia turned 11. 

I was at her party and got some ADORABLE shots of Mia and her friends - school friends AND friends from her basketball team, thankyouverymuch. I can't wait to share them! However, with the holidays and winter break so soon, Mama Weber and I decided to wait on the big reveal. 

Honestly, as a fellow December birthday girl, I can totally relate to the agony of "the holidays" getting in the way of the REAL celebration. Sorry Mia. I feel you.

But here's a gorgeous little sneak peek for you... this sweet and spunky girl is ELEVEN! Happy birthday, girlfriend!

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Tween Portrait Photography | watch this

Cake Smash on Her Birthday | Stories Framed Photography | Milwaukee Baby and Child Photography

It's a Cake Smash. And it is just what it sounds like. 

This is a type of session that has become popular with the 1-year old demographic and their doting parents. Watching a kid eat sugar for the first time is more entertaining (and adorable!) than you could ever dream up. And it's captured on (digital) film forever! 

First we take some beautiful portraits of the little babe, all clean and happy. When your baby turns one, you don't want to forget what she looks like; it's such a precious and fast-moving age.  Her face, her hair, her little itty bitty hands and feet. You will look back at these photographs and remember what she looked like, her sweet baby smell, and how tiny she felt in your big grown-up hands. 

Finally, when we are done being pretty and clean, we excitedly shove a giant, exquisitely frosted cupcake in front of the baby. And we wait...

Sometimes it's quick. The baby digs in without hesitation. Times like this, I'm thankful for my quick shutter. Usually, though, the little one is a bit more tentative, putting one finger into the frosting to see what will happen. Tasting the gooey goodness. Realizing that it's not only food, but it's GLORIOUS. Still unsure, they carefully test another finger in the frosting. Oh, yeah. That's it. It's OVER. Click, click, click.

What comes next is immediately filed under The Most Adorable Thing You Could Ever Imagine.

Is your little baby turning one soon? Schedule a Cake Smash Session right away. Allow me to capture your little one at this fast-growing age. Oh, dare I say it?... Quick, before they eat cake.

This got me thinking... Are your little ones way beyond 365 days old? Wouldn't it be an absolute blast to have a Family Cake Smash? Think about it.... ohhh. Your kids would crown you Funnest Parents in the Land. Yes! Let's do it! Contact me today to schedule this truly unique photo experience. (And score some points with your kids, too.)

P.S. Sometimes buying a gift for a 1-year old can be a challenge. Those little ones can only have so many singing toys, right? Wouldn't a Cake Smash 1-Year Old Session be a fantastic gift idea? Contact me to purchase a gift certificate.