December 2016

#MKEkids Tween Birthday Party | Mia is 11

Saturday night, during a break in our little snow storm, Mia turned 11. 

I was at her party and got some ADORABLE shots of Mia and her friends - school friends AND friends from her basketball team, thankyouverymuch. I can't wait to share them! However, with the holidays and winter break so soon, Mama Weber and I decided to wait on the big reveal. 

Honestly, as a fellow December birthday girl, I can totally relate to the agony of "the holidays" getting in the way of the REAL celebration. Sorry Mia. I feel you.

But here's a gorgeous little sneak peek for you... this sweet and spunky girl is ELEVEN! Happy birthday, girlfriend!

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Wauwatosa Family Photography | Gully family in the snow

I'm starting to believe I actually might have special powers. I mean, I was totally joking before, but now? I may be on to something.... 

Last week I posted this picturesque snow picture. Immediately I received a call from a sweet mom who was SO excited because she wanted snow pictures just like the ones I shared. Like any good people-pleaser, I told her I would get right on it. 

And then it snowed.

Thank you, Dude Upstairs. I owe ya one. 


While Ainsley and her sunglasses are stinking ADORABLE in this action shot, I saved the best for later... oh, just you wait!

Are you looking forward to 2017 and thinking you would like photos out in the snow? Let's talk! Would you like photos inside where there is no snow? I can make that happen, too! Click the button below and magically I will appear on your desktop like a little genie. No, not really. I'm working on that for next year's talent.

Wauwatosa Child Photographer | Let It Snow!

"I really would love pictures of my kids when it's snowing."


"Well, it's supposed to snow in the morning, so...."

{Time for the session is 3:00 PM}


Anjeni, my friend, your wish is granted!

Kids in the snow Sneak Peek Portrait

Have you, too, dreamed of beautiful snowy family portraits? Contact me! Because apparently, it appears I have a direct line to Mother Nature. ;)

Wauwatosa Edition of Vanity Fair Magazine | the Keenan sisters

These three sisters are so easy going, laid-back and, I think this goes without saying, drop-dead gorgeous. I am in love with their session and can't wait to show Mama Keenan. (I may sound like I'm repeating myself since I say that every single year. Too bad. It's true.)

This shot? It ended up looking like it should be on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine.

I'm at a loss for words...

Keenan Sisters Sneak Peek Portrait

I think what I want to say is, "omg." or perhaps, "get these girls an agent."

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