Greendale High School

Greendale HS class of 2019 | Kayce's Sneak Peek

Kayce showed for her senior portraits with her sister.

Suddenly, I was mildly upset with her mom. She had neglected to mention something rather important when they booked the session: that Kayce is GORGEOUS. A complete and total natural beauty! 

(That's ok, Kathy. I won't stay mad at you!)

So, without further ado, here is the beautiful Kayce, Greendale High School class of 2019.


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Greendale HS senior portraits | class of 2017 | Sam

Another one of the fantastic seniors I photographed this past year was THE Sam Schultz. 


Well, he works at a senior center so maybe you know him better - like all the ladies there - as James Dean.


It's a little uncanny, no?

He was really fun to work with... a genuinely good kid and quietly funny. We'd be talking, shooting, talking, shooting - and out of nowhere he'd crack a joke that would catch us off guard. 

Sam was in the marching band at Greendale High School. Check that. He was in the AWARD WINNING Greendale HS marching band. No biggie... they just won the Wisconsin state competition 13 times. And then in November they had the honor of marching in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Eh, you know, just in a day's work.


Photographing Sam was like capturing two different people. His band guy is instantly formal and proper.His regular guy is so calm, cool and collected.

This image ended up on the cover of his album, like it was meant for it. 


Good luck to Sam and his wonderful family. He plans on following in his dad's footsteps... can you guess what he'll be doing?


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Greendale High School | class of 2017 | Sam's sneak peek


State Champion Marching Band member.

Class of 2017 senior.

Just a cool, cool kid. 

Greendale High School is very lucky to have you, Sam. 

Sam Sneak Peek Greendale HS class of 2017

I'm sharing this little (totally EPIC!) sneak peek but let me just say, I CANNOT WAIT to share the rest. Oh wow. W-O-W.