July 2016

Wauwatosa Senior Portraits | Germantown HS class of 2017 | Joey's Sneak Peek

I'm being tormented. 

Yesterday, Joey absolutely hit it out of the park for his senior portraits. I thought - in my head - "he should move that way" and before I put the thought into words, he had done it! (I wish my kids worked that way with chores.)

So why am I tormented? Besides due to the fact that my kids won't clean their rooms? Because of the never-ending question faced with photographers and people who see color everywhere:

COLOR? BLACK AND WHITE? Help me decide. I just can't.

See what I mean? Decisions, decisions. They're both incredible. 

Post your favorite in the comment section below.

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Wauwatosa Family Photography | Sneak Peek for Papa Poblacki

Papa. The reason why they scheduled the session in the first place.

But really... who doesn't LOVE and ADORE their grandpa? Clearly, Kyra loves hers!

Oh, and the way they look at each other! Be still my beating heart... 


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Wauwatosa Family Photography | Sneak Peek | Klug Family

Cudahy Family Photography | The Hartlines at Seven Bridges Park, Milwaukee

When I ask, "what's your family like?" I never know what Mom will say. Sometimes they gush. Sometimes they warn me about an over-energetic child. Sometimes they just state the facts, ma'am. 

Tracey told me a little of each. She clearly loves and adores her family. She informed me, as the boys are college-aged, they should be pretty obedient. She told me that all three boys - her husband Rick along with their sons Austin and Sawyer - are quiet. Boy was she right! Tracey and I spent the entire session gabbing, laughing and telling stories while the three guys and two cute little dogs listened along. (Surely rolling their eyes at us!)

Whether they were loud or quiet, calm or rambunctious, nothing matters unless they are themselves. Well, and perhaps some beautiful family portraits...

[click below to watch their video]

I cannot wait to deliver their breathtaking Gallery Wrap Canvas of this image... (SO excited!!!)


Here are a few more gems from their session.

Oh, but first -- 

FASHION SIDEBAR! Are you trying to decide on wardrobe colors for a summer session? Time and time again BLUE has proven itself to be a perfect choice. It plays along with the lush greens in the scenery while complimenting the dashes of red. Plus, look at them - you can totally get a sense of each family member's personality based on what they are wearing -- even within the color "constraints" they may have been told by Mom. 

Five stars, Tracey! Bravo!

Don't forget, Checkers and Lucky. Any pet owner knows - pets are family, too! They are our Fur Babies!


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Local Business Spotlight | Kevin Kosterman

Kevin Kosterman

ebean design

Owner/Graphic Design Guy


Who is your ideal client? 
Anyone who is trying to make a positive difference in this world.

What is something people THINK they know about your job?
People think that freelance graphic designers just spend their time hanging out in coffee shops, playing with their kids, and doing fun, creative work whenever they want...and they're totally right!

Name one thing you WISH people knew about your job?
Good design takes time! Ideas need to percolate, come together, be properly pruned, and usually replaced by better ideas. Repeat, as necessary. If you want quality design, you need to give it time.

Tell us a secret about your job. 
I generally do my job while wearing sweatpants. Don't hate me.

What is the ONE book that you think I should read RIGHT NOW?
"Vagabonding" by Rolf Potts

WEBSITE www.ebeandesign.com
EMAIL kevin@ebeandesign.com

EDITOR'S NOTE: Stories Framed Photography would like to say - go hire Kevin! He updated the SFP logo with his eyes closed and one hand tied behind his back. He's talented and totally he rocks! 

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