Milwaukee Senior Photos

Maya and the coolest alley in Milwaukee | class of 2019 sneak peek

Honestly, sometimes no words are even needed. 

But let's be real. You know me and I can't possibly go without telling a story.

This session was a little sentimental for me. I've gotten to know this family through the years. I photographed her mom because he was my son's preschool teacher. I photographed her brother for his senior photos. And this girl, the lovely and talented Maya, when she was in EIGHTH GRADE. 


I have a special place in my heart for these gorgeous girls... who are now all going into their SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL.

Stop. It. (said all the moms)

So here is Maya's Sneak Peek. I'm sharing it through leaky eyes. Wauwatosa West High School should be proud to call you one of theirs.


It is not lost on me that both photos were shot in an alley. Not the same alley, but alleys all the same. That's the life of a photographer. And I love it.

What are you waiting for? Senior portrait season is here and I'm now booking into August and September. Don't delay, let's get a date on the calendar!

Architecture + Senior Portraits = Epic-ness for Christopher

This kid. 

I should have known we'd totally vibe when HE sent ME a guide of locations he wanted to use for his senior portraits. (And yes he's hired, by the way.)

You need to know Christopher... here's his story.

BW portrait boy sitting on a bridge

Christopher Bravata

Wauwatosa West High School

I am the Lead Student Editor for my school paper.
I am the only student 'employed' by my school to repair Chromebooks.
I played on the JV Ultimate Frisbee team my sophomore year; and I moved up to the Varsity team for my Junior year, as well as my Senior year.

Senior Boy centered on a MKE bridge

I take photos for school events (ie Football games, Marching Band Parade performances, etc). 
I also code websites and design things. I enjoy biking and exploring on the weekends, weather permitting.

MKE Cream City Brick and metal bridge in portrait

I have my own business designing & developing websites.
I started the live-broadcast division at my school's Journalism program; the only school IN THE USA that live-broadcasts athletic events (internally - fully operated by students, not done by a local TV channel)

senior portrait in front of metal grid

Seattle/Portland or NYC

Working at Apple, particularly on the team that designs and develops products like the iPhone, the Mac, and the Apple Watch.

I walked into the local Apple Store, had a conversation with an employee, who called over the manager - who 15 minutes later offered me a job; all at the age of 16.

Milwaukee Public Market in senior portrait at night

Like I said earlier.... THIS KID. 

He's destined for something big. 

Congratulations Christopher on your high school graduation. I'd say, "may all your dreams come true" but perhaps "come up with some new dreams" is more appropriate! You will do great things, and I'll be watching! 

Yo, Class of 2019 - you're up! Get more info on your senior portraits HERE.

THANK YOU! | Stories Framed Photography voted Best Children's Photographer in Milwaukee

Last November (as in a few months ago) I was asking (begging) you to vote for Stories Framed Photography for the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee List. I was - to my shock and surprise! - a finalist for Best Children's Photographer.

For real, I almost didn't recognize my own name. 

I landed on the page after voting for an awesome friend in her category (go Anna!) and thought, what the heck, I'll look at some of the other categories while I'm here. When I saw the names listed under Children's Photography I swear to you, I almost kept scrolling. Then it sunk in... and I completely lost my mind!

I spent November begging you to choose me.

I spent December desperately trying to not worry about the results. (Do you know about my tainted past with elections? Let's just say #perpetualloser is my own personal hashtag.)

Well, I can finally sleep again. 


The results are in and I'm absolutely positively blown away by your support. I was named to the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee List for 2017 as Best Children's Photographer. 



Really, thank you from the bottom of my ice-cold toes to the top of my frizzy, curly hair. I am honored and flattered and just giddy with excitement. THANK YOU for choosing Stories Framed Photography. I promise to continue to live up to the title.

Do you see that red word? It says WINNER. Someone pinch me.

Do you see that red word? It says WINNER. Someone pinch me.

I sincerely hope you can make it to one of my Grand Opening celebrations... the word "celebration" may just be an understatement. I'm going to personally hug each and every one of you.

Wauwatosa East High School | class of 2017 | Emma's sneak peek

Here we go... one more quick sneak peek of a class of 2017 senior session.

I have to say this about Emma. She SMILES. Like, ALL the time. I love getting some more serious looks from these kids but that just was NOT going to happen. Emma smiles.

And I loved it.

Here's your Sneak Peek, sweet Emma. Hope you like it!

Tosa East HS class of 2017 senior smile Emma

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Kettle Moraine HS | class of 2017 senior portrait Sneak Peek for Morgan

Allow me to introduce the beautiful Morgan, of the proud members of the Kettle Moraine graduating class of 2017.

We met up in the Third Ward for her senior portrait session on a gorgeous day over a week ago. We had so much fun working together! And yes, I know, that may sound generic and bland but it's THE TRUTH. We finished her session and I actually felt like I could have kept going for two more hours. 

Here is the overdue sneak peek at Morgan's senior portrait session...

Kettle Moraine class of 2017 senior portrait Morgan

 So, would you believe me if I told you these shots weren't even the BEST ones? Seriously. 

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