November 2014

Thanksgiving Gratitude Feature Post | Slaughter-Underhile Family | Stories Framed Photography

On the Eve of Thanksgiving, I had to save a special post for you. This is my sister-in-law, Shelley. (But really, let's forget that "in-law" part.)  When I read what she wrote about her clan, I couldn't keep from craughing... the finely mastered art of crying and laughing at the same time.

June 2013

June 2013

I am thankful for my kids because I can see in them little bits and pieces of special family members that are no longer here with me. It amazes me that all four are so different but strangely similar at the same time. They are wonderful and crazy and I can’t imagine how dull and boring our lives would be without them. As their lives get busier and I can see how each day they need me a little less, but I am hoping that least ONE of the little nerds is still talking to me when it is time to pick out a good nursing home and come visit me every once in a while!
— Shelley Slaughter

Remember how quickly time goes.

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Thanksgiving Gratitude Feature Post | Rauch Family | Stories Framed Photography

Here is my second family of the week, my dear friend, Jenna. I will leave it at that, since what she has to say is so incredibly touching. Gratitude in its purest form.

P.S. Grab a tissue.

July 2013

July 2013

I am so very grateful to have Matthew as my son. The moment he was born, my heart swelled bigger than I thought it ever could, and truly, even when he is the pure definition of the “terrible twos”, the love for him I have continues just as strong.

I have struggled with infertility and recurrent miscarriages, before, and since having Matty. I think it makes me even more thankful to have him in my life. He has shown me how much I can love, how much I can forgive, and how needed I am. He makes me smile, laugh, and yes, even sometimes cry, on a daily basis, and I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything in the world. He is my everything.
— Jenna Rauch

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Thanksgiving Gratitude Feature Post | Kaleta Family | Stories Framed Photography

Leading up to Thanksgiving, I will be featuring one family every night. One special family who quite possibly has no idea just how much they mean to their mom. Thanksgiving is a time for expressing gratitude, and not just at the dinner table. 

Cheers to my first family!

February 2014

February 2014

I am grateful for my children because they make me smile. If I am having a bad day one smile or “I love you, Mom” from them can help me turn my day around.
— Becky Kaleta

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A Little Bit of Everything | Stories Framed Photography | Milwaukee Family Photographer

If you've been worrying about me.... you can relax! I'm still here, as busy as ever. I can't wait to share some of my recent work with you - those blog posts will be coming soon. I promise. In the meantime, enjoy a glimpse of my to-do list.... 

  • high school senior yearbook photo deadlines.
  • giant family sessions, reunion style.
  • small family sessions, mini style.
  • buy (and defrost!) a Thanksgiving turkey.
  • lots of business head shots.
  • client orders printed, delivered.
  • holiday cards - for clients and us. must not forget my family.
  • dream about black friday. oh, all the shopping!
  • count box tops for education. the helping mom has become help-less.
  • sleep. shower. (those are optional, right?)
  • feed my children. must. not. forget. (not optional.)

There is no question, this is most certainly a busy time of the year. But in between all the errands and baking and general busy-ness, make sure you give yourself time to enjoy and appreciate the TRULY important things. Friends. Family. A warm home. A fire in the fireplace. A new Hunger Games movie on Friday. (What? Peeta is VERY important to me!)

So, tell me - what are you thankful for this holiday season? Leave a comment below. I love hearing what people think about. Big or small. Serious or funny. I'll start......

I'm thankful for Peppermint Mochas and full glasses of red wine. Just not at the same time.

I'm thankful for the undying support of my husband. Without him, I would be nothing.

I'm thankful for my kids. Their opposite personalities continue to teach me patience and understanding.

I'm thankful for my sweet puppy. EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS EATEN HALF MY SHOES. (= more shopping?)

I'm thankful for you. Yes, YOU. If you didn't support my business, if you didn't cheer me on, if you didn't look at my work, if you didn't read my Seinfeldian blog posts, I would be nothing. THANK YOU.

This week Stories Framed Photography made a big jump in the business world - it became an LLC. When the mail came this weekend, I had an extremely proud moment...  I opened the envelope holding the certificate that claimed my company - which I started from an idea and a dream - had become big enough to expand into a Limited Liability Company. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your kindness and support... and of course, thank you for your cute kids! 

Coming soon to a wall in my studio... the official LLC certificate! Squeal!

Coming soon to a wall in my studio... the official LLC certificate! Squeal!

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