Pius XI High School

Congratulations to Jakob Zielinski | Pius XI class of 2019

Thank goodness people don’t judge me on my ability to find my way out of a paper bag, because I really had it coming from this family. I managed to get COMPLETELY lost and TOTALLY turned around and I definitely did not arrive as early as I had planned.

But I made it up to them and photographed Jakob in the best light, on his best side and in the best ANTHILLS I could possibly find.

Yup. That’s right. Jakob is such a sweet and polite kid that he kept smiling while his foot was firmly placed on top of an anthill. I’m going to let you guess which photo… it is featured in this post.

It’ll be fun to watch Jakob’s college career unfold. With his easy-going personality and hard work ethic, he will do amazing things.

2019 Pius Senior Portrait

Pius XI Catholic High School

National Honor Society, Mini Mite Hockey coach

MKE Senior Photo
Enjoying his senior stroll

Milwaukee Blaze Hockey, Pius XI Varsity Baseball

WUA Certified Umpire

You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possibly be - in baseball and in life.
— Pete Rose
Those blue eyes!
Relaxing by a column

play PS4, play basketball in the neighborhood, baseball and/or hockey games

tour all 32 major league ballparks

Outdoor senior photos

to help build major arenas/stadium/ballparks

I am able to make my parents proud.


Luscious green senior photos

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Congratulations to Jakob on his graduation from Pius XI High School! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and working with you on your senior photos. Best of luck at UWM this fall, and I know that you’ll achieve your dreams.

Milwaukee senior photography

If you would like to work with me (I mean, after the stories I shared, how could you not?!?) for your senior portraits, let’s talk! I’m now booking class of 2020 sessions. (I carry bug spray with me to all my shoots. While I’m not sure it works with ants, we can certainly try…)

Sneak Peek for Jakob at Pius XI + 3 steps to a great location

Senior portrait season is officially underway for the class of 2019. 

Today's Sneak Peek is Jakob from Pius XI High School. We met at an exclusive and hard-to-find (haha, not really) location. We were at the beautiful St. Francis Seminary which had so many different options for scenery. This was just one.


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  • I ask lots of questions! I want to find out what the senior wants as well as what the parents expect. Aside from phone conversation and sometimes even in-person consultations, I send a thorough questionnaire to my clients to learn more about them.
  • Make a connection. True story: a mom wanted her son's senior portraits at the Milwaukee art museum. The kid had no interest in art. We need to connect the location to the personality and likes of everyone involved. (We ended up doing just that for this particular family and everyone loved the results.)
  • I have options. I have developed a curated list of locations that I like to use for portrait sessions. Once I know what you are looking for, I can search my database for the right place.

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Congratulations class of 2018 | megan stanek and pius xi

This great girl has already graduated! High fives to Megan and her Pius XI Catholic School class of 2018. How fun that they are done with school and the rest of the schools are still in session. (mischievously drums fingers together)

class of 2018 student in Tosa Village

Megan Stanek

Pius XI Catholic High School

History because I like to take a look into the past and try and imagine what life was like back then

Being part of a nationally known art department, manager for cross country 

I scored my first varsity soccer goal when I was a bench warmer

Soccer, Cross Country, CYM Basketball, and Studio Night (Art) 

Wauwatosa senior portrait on the stairs

Saz's Festivals

I like to either do something fun with my friends or catch up not the latest Netflix episodes


senior portrait of girl behind plant black and white


a Jounalist

freckled class of 2018 senior girl by a tree

Best wishes to you, Megan! You are going to have a bright and sensational future!

Pius XI HS class of 2018 | Sneak Peek for Megan

Megan has a wonderful philosophy: keep it simple and keep it real.

She wanted no bells and whistles for her senior portraits. No wardrobe changes. No flying monkeys.

Honestly, sometimes you don't need "all that stuff". It can be fun, don't get me wrong. But when you have a face like this girl, you don't NEED it.

Allow me to introduce the GORGEOUS Megan, member of the Pius XI High School class of 2018.


This is one of the many beautiful shots I got of Megan. I don't know how her mom will ever choose... 

The yearbook deadline has passed for some schools but for others, like Megan's, we still have plenty of time. Don't panic. Just email me. 

Stories Framed Photography Presents Mia | Pius XI Class of 2015 | Seniors

This was one busy weekend. Aside from a major national holiday, yet another of my seniors has moved into the Great Summer of Limbo - the season after high school graduation and before starting college. I remember it well myself. Just like it was yesterday (cough cough). So thrilled to finally be done with high school yet not quite sure of what looms ahead. And at the same time, so excited you could hardly contain yourself. It's one of the most confusing and emotional times ever. (Well, it was for me. But I was a born basket case....)

So, right, um...  back to 2015. 

Here she is -- MIA.

Stories Framed Photography | senior girl in the woods | Pius XI HS

Quiet, introspective, MIA.

Stories Framed Photography | Pius XI class of 2015 | Mia | on a log

When we first met for her senior session, she was a little unsure. With mom and sister enthusiastically watching from the sidelines, I quietly snuck Mia around the side of a building. As we joked and laughed, taking pictures, changing poses, I watched as she quickly and easily relaxed. And the rest, as they say... was an ace in the hole. (Do they say that? Or did I just make it up?)

Stories Framed Photography | Pius XI HS class of 2015 | senior portraits

And then....

Stories Framed Photography | senior portraits | girl with a guitar

...And then she played her guitar. Wow. At which point I momentarily forgot I was hired as their photographer. You can see (hear) it is her passion and her love. In fact, she was so focused on playing that didn't notice at all when I finally snapped out of my trance and resumed doing my job. Mia kept on playing.

Stories Framed Photography | senior pictures | Pius XI HS class of 2015 | silhouette with guitar
Stories Framed Photography | urban senior portraits | Milwaukee | Waukesha | Wauwatosa
Stories Framed Photography | Milwaukee senior portraits | class of 2015
Follow your passion, stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means you should follow that.
— Ellen DeGeneres

I am so happy for this girl and her adorable little family. Congratulations on what I'm sure will be an amazing future - I would expect nothing less from you, dear Mia.

Stories Framed Photography | the final senior shot | class of 2015 | looking out

Can you picture yourself "lost" in the woods for your senior pictures? Or maybe you like the streets of an urban setting?  Email me. We'll do pictures wherever your heart desires.