Tosa East HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Drew

Everyone, this is Drew.

Drew, this is everyone.

Say hi.

Drew had his senior photos this weekend and they couldn’t have gone any better! In fact, Drew is one of those (many) kids who, when it comes down to it, is doing it for dear ol’ mom. He wasn’t exactly overjoyed to be having his own personal photo shoot.

But guess what? I won him over. (I always do. Wink.)

And look at him! This is one of many AMAZING shots of Drew. There are many more where this came from so mom, relax. You are in good hands.


Now the only question is, how do you want to display this great portrait?

I help my clients by guiding them through the photo selection process. That includes not only choosing the photos, but also figuring out HOW to display them and HOW BIG to make them.


—> STEP 1: Choose your format
For today’s example, let’s say we decided to go with framed prints.

—> STEP 2: Choose your size
My clients receive simple instructions on what they need to do. (Hint: it merely involves Scotch tape, a phone camera and the internet) I literally do the rest. No thinking involved!

When you come in for your Reveal + Selection Appointment, I will have samples of displays using YOUR walls in your home.

So let’s say this is your living room.

Let’s say you come into your appointment thinking a “big” 8x10 print will be plenty large enough.

Okaaay… here you go. Here’s an 8x10 framed print on your living room wall. It looks a little… bit… miniature, don’t you think? In fact, you can’t even make out the poor kid’s face.


What if we try a larger size that fits the wall better?

Here’s a 24x20 framed photo. Isn’t that better?

It does still look a little lonely on that wall, but it definitely works.


What if you added two more images on either side? Here we have two 16x20 framed prints with the 20x24 framed print in the middle.

That. Looks. Amazing.

(Obviously, unless you’re a superfan of Andy Warhol, we would choose three different images.)


Once your photos are in place, there is no greater joy than walking into a room and seeing your child’s gorgeous smiling face looking back at you.

Are family photos in your future? Do your walls need some joy? Let’s connect and start down the path toward the perfect family portraits. (Psst. You may want to book your October dates before I run out of weekends.)

Tosa West HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Natasha

Another Sneak Peek, another day.

But this isn’t just any Sneak Peek.

This is a ballerina. Traffic stopping, little girl giggling, mom (and photographer) jumping for joy Sneak Peek.

This is Natasha.


During her portrait session we stopped traffic (well, ok, WE actually stopped for traffic). Little girls dining with their families in the Village were giggling and dreaming about the day they could be that pretty and grown up and a BALLERINA. All the while, Natasha’s mom and I were just GLOWING with joy and pride. She really is a stunning young woman.

Fun Dancer Fact #304
Did you know that a dancer’s toe shoes, when worn out, are called DEAD? It’s so… dramatic. They aren’t worn out. They aren’t retired. They’re DEAD. Oh my. Remind me not to be a pair of shoes when I grow up.

Learn more about senior photos HERE. I’m still booking sessions for the Class of 2020.

Perhaps a fall family session is more your speed? HERE is the info on that.

Tosa West HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Maggie

It is awfully gloomy out today. Spitting rain, cloudy skies and even some fog. Wouldn’t you like some Instant Sunshine to cheer your day?

Well, here you go!

Allow me to introduce the lovely and sweet-as-pie Maggie from Wauwatosa West High School’s class of 2020. Here’s a gorgeous Sneak Peek from her session.


Beautiful portraits like this one are SO important.

Why, you ask?

A year from now, when Maggie is away for her first year of college, her mom can simply look up to the wall and see her little girl right there. When they talk on the phone (people still do that, right?) mom can gaze admiringly at the framed photo in the living room as Maggie tells her all about her roommates and classes and the terrible dorm food. When Amy misses her daughter fiercely, she can open the album bring herself back to that day, hearing Maggie laugh and watching her smile.

Portraits are meant to be looked at, enjoyed and appreciated day after day, year after year.

That is why I do what I do.

Are you ready to book your child’s senior photos or maybe even some family photos this season? Learn more here or click below to book your session.

Tosa East HS class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Jackson

I’m really excited to do a mini-intro of this next class of 2020 senior. Not only is Jackson a sweet kid, he’s one I’ve known for A-GES. Hmm.. I’m starting to see that as a trend. That must mean our collective group of kids are growing up….no likey.

Jackson is a senior at Wauwatosa East High School and he is a VICIOUSLY TALENTED violin and piano player. Just wait until you see the rest of his session… the photos may just include one or both of those instruments. (!!)


Do you still need to schedule senior photos? Well, hop to, bunny rabbit! Time’s a ticking!

Are you hesitant to schedule because you’re not sure what to expect? Never fear, I guide you through the entire process. By the time you show up for the big day, it will be totally NBD.

But really, once you show up, here’s a quick briefer on what happens...


  1. SHOW UP. We meet at the predetermined location. We exchange normal human greetings (I don’t bite.) and then a lot of unloading of gear and wardrobe.

  2. SET UP. Once we walk and roll (I have a carry-all wagon) to our first spot, I will then start unpacking all the gear I just packed into the wagon. But don’t worry, unlike the dentist, my tools don’t look scary.

  3. TUTORIAL. I would never hold my camera up to your face and just say, “go!”. I want these photos to be as good as you want them to be, so I’m first going to give you a brief lesson on how to stand and sit and all that jazz.

  4. FIRST SHOT. Wanna see it? No problem! Look and see how great you look. Yeah, that’s right. Then you will instantly feel better and relax a bit. I got you.

  5. SHOOT AND REPEAT. We may move spots a few times. We may drive or just walk. You may change outfits. It’s all the same thing. No pressure, just a fun time fake laughing and continually being convinced that your photographer is a lunatic.

  6. ALL DONE. When we’ve accomplished our goal (and your face hurts from smiling and laughing) it’s time to pack up, load back into our vehicles and head on our merry ways. Oh wait, but what about all the photos? You will get to see everything in your Reveal + Selection Appointment another day. For now, go home and have a nap. You earned it!

Now that you know it all, let’s get that session scheduled.

Brookfield Central HS Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Chloe


Brookfield Central High School has one of the earliest yearbook deadlines around. Yet, Chloe got in for a full portrait session thanks to her on-top-of-things Dad. I’m so glad they found me because I really enjoyed all of their company! Mom, Dad, Chloe… they are good people.

What I really loved is that after the session, we were walking back to our cars and Chloe told me that she actually ENJOYED having her photo taken. She didn’t think she would, but she did.

That, my girl, is the biggest compliment you could possibly pay me. Thank you.

Here’s your (adorable!) Sneak Peek. I love how your hair brilliantly POPS out of this monochromatic-toned portrait. Gorgeous!


If you need a quick fix for senior photos, check out the Express Senior Session option at the bottom of the Seniors Page. It’s a fast, weekday choice when you simply want a yearbook photo and a few keepsakes.

Got a little more breathing room for a full portrait session at a destination of your choice, wardrobe changes and the works? Let’s talk!