Tosa East HS

Cooper's Senior Portrait Sneak Peek | Earth, Wind + Snow

Last weekend, Cooper and his mom, Gretchen, came to the studio for some indoor senior photos. We did an entire set there. Dry, warm and un-ruffled.

But Cooper really wanted to go outside. Why not? I was game - my equipment would have to be minimal, but I could definitely make it work. (And my hair/mop was bound to be in a ponytail anyway!)

If you recall, you know the strange combination of weather we experienced. On the way to our location, while the winds were already peaking at 40 MPH, it then started to rain.

Then… it started to snow.

THEN it was just a smooshed up version of rain and snow. Blowing right into Cooper’s face.

With that being said, I am thoroughly impressed with Cooper’s Academy Award-level acting skills. This Sneak Peek I’m sharing is really great. And he had WEATHER coming at him. You’d never know it — look at him!

BRAVO! Way to go Cooper!


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Tosa East HS class of 2019 | (another) Jack's Sneak Peek

This is my second Jack H. of the 2019 senior season. Really!

This Jack is a sweet, quiet kid. He was so agreeable… I could have asked him to stand in the middle of a busy street and I think he would have agreed. (Oh, but I wouldn’t!)

Jack and his mom, Wendy, wanted some traditional spots in Tosa as the setting for his senior portraits. This is one of them… can you guess where we were?


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Tosa East HS class of 2019 | Mary's Sneak Peek

I have a special announcement from the Editor-in-Chief of the Wauwatosa East High School yearbook. Mary is her name and she wants to remind you to get your senior photos done and to PLEASE submit them on time!

Just kidding.

I mean, you should submit your photo on time, but Mary didn't actually tell me to pass on that message.

But I really did photograph this adorable yearbook editor. She and her mom were completely wonderful and warm and I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. (No, I didn't just call you old!)

Here is Mary's gorgeous Sneak Peek from her photo session. 


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Sneak Peek for Adam | Tosa East HS class of 2019

This is where I tell you this session went off seamlessly. 

I didn't get lost.

I didn't forget any equipment.

The gear I had with me worked perfectly. 

No assistants fell down a hill.

No mosquitos were eating us alive.

But the thing is, when you see this one single photo of Adam, a Tosa East class of 2019 senior, all of those behind-the-scenes things that NEVER HAPPENED will be erased from your mind. 

The rest of his portraits turned out just as flawlessly. (But you'll have to wait a bit to see more.)


This is why you hire a professional photographer for your senior portraits. I made it work seamlessly, even with all those things *that didn't happen.* 

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congratulations to dominic | tosa east hs class of 2018

We have only THREE days left of school! 

Well, let me clarify... the UNDERCLASSMEN have three days left. The Wauwatosa East High School class of 2018 graduated on Sunday so... THEY. ARE. OUT. OF. HERE!!!!!!

Before he runs off for the summer, allow me to introduce Dominic, proud graduate just two days into his big, giant future.

in studio senior portrait of a boy in a chair with grey shirt

Are you mulling over location options for your senior photos? Dominic and his sweet mom and I met out at a local park and then afterward, when it got dark, we headed back to my studio for some indoor shots.

See if you can count all the locations we went to... 

I'm up to three....


As a side note, Dominic was super easy to work with. He's a laid-back kid and, like most of us, cannot be judged by his cover. He's such an interesting kid and I can't wait to see what he does in the future!

Congratulations Dominic on your graduation! 

P.S. If you were counting, we used SEVEN locations. Or did we?.... A magician never tells his secrets. (wink wink)

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