Wauwatosa East High School

Cooper's Senior Portrait Sneak Peek | Earth, Wind + Snow

Last weekend, Cooper and his mom, Gretchen, came to the studio for some indoor senior photos. We did an entire set there. Dry, warm and un-ruffled.

But Cooper really wanted to go outside. Why not? I was game - my equipment would have to be minimal, but I could definitely make it work. (And my hair/mop was bound to be in a ponytail anyway!)

If you recall, you know the strange combination of weather we experienced. On the way to our location, while the winds were already peaking at 40 MPH, it then started to rain.

Then… it started to snow.

THEN it was just a smooshed up version of rain and snow. Blowing right into Cooper’s face.

With that being said, I am thoroughly impressed with Cooper’s Academy Award-level acting skills. This Sneak Peek I’m sharing is really great. And he had WEATHER coming at him. You’d never know it — look at him!

BRAVO! Way to go Cooper!


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Tosa East HS class of 2019 | Mary's Sneak Peek

I have a special announcement from the Editor-in-Chief of the Wauwatosa East High School yearbook. Mary is her name and she wants to remind you to get your senior photos done and to PLEASE submit them on time!

Just kidding.

I mean, you should submit your photo on time, but Mary didn't actually tell me to pass on that message.

But I really did photograph this adorable yearbook editor. She and her mom were completely wonderful and warm and I felt like I was hanging out with old friends. (No, I didn't just call you old!)

Here is Mary's gorgeous Sneak Peek from her photo session. 


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Sneak Peek for Adam | Tosa East HS class of 2019

This is where I tell you this session went off seamlessly. 

I didn't get lost.

I didn't forget any equipment.

The gear I had with me worked perfectly. 

No assistants fell down a hill.

No mosquitos were eating us alive.

But the thing is, when you see this one single photo of Adam, a Tosa East class of 2019 senior, all of those behind-the-scenes things that NEVER HAPPENED will be erased from your mind. 

The rest of his portraits turned out just as flawlessly. (But you'll have to wait a bit to see more.)


This is why you hire a professional photographer for your senior portraits. I made it work seamlessly, even with all those things *that didn't happen.* 

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Wauwatosa East HS | class of 2017 | Sydney's Sneak Peek

My work here is done. 

In one beautiful, sunny afternoon in Wauwatosa, I calmed Sydney's nerves, made her laugh, made her mom cry (a few times I think) and confirmed my absolute LOVE and ADORATION of my job. 

The only thing is, Sydney made my job a little TOO easy. Ah, I'll take it. 


Doesn't this image look like it could have been taken in just about any decade? Sydney's outfit is timeless (and totally adorable!) and her hair and makeup are clean and classic. Perfection!

I cannot WAIT to share the rest of the session. Ohmygoodness! 

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Tosa East High School Senior Portraits | class of 2016 | Maggie

Senioritis is a real thing. I know because I had it (a zillion years ago!) and Maggie tells me that she's got it BAD. It's so close the end of the school year, everything seems to be wrapping up, coming to an end and closing down... plus, she already chose a college for the fall. So really, can you blame her for catching a case of the "let's move on with things"?

Besides, it's MAGGIE we're talking about here. Her version of "not caring" about homework is turning in an assignment without proofreading it. She's such a good, kind-hearted kid that she couldn't do a bad job if she tried.


Plus, as you can see she's BEAUTIFUL. 

This made photographing her SO EASY. I almost felt like I was cheating. Her smile is so natural - it never looked forced. 

Maggie will be attending St. Louis University in the fall. Except for one small hitch.... she nannies and babysits for several families around Wauwatosa. As of right now, we have not agreed to let her leave. 

Well, it's true - we will ALL miss her when she goes to college. BUT. This is Maggie we're talking about... she will do amazing things with her future.

Best of luck to you, Maggie! xoxo

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