The Heart of Cabi Event | headshots for a fresh start

For the second year in a row, I helped out my Cabi friends for their wonderful Heart of Cabi event.

First, you may be wondering, “what’s Cabi?” Cabi is a line of high quality women’s clothing sold through consultants at customers’ homes and offices. Sort of like Pampered Chef, but cute outfits instead of handy kitchen gadgets. (If you want to check it out, drop me a line saying you want to come to my next Cabi event at the studio. It will most likely in the fall.)

The Heart of Cabi is a day-long philanthropic event they coordinate on a national level to help local women in need dress and feel better. The Milwaukee consultants meet at the Sojourner Family Peace Center. The volunteers distribute clothing and accessories to the attendees. Then they bring them to a separate room where Sandra Hoeft, a Mary Kay SUPERSTAR, gives them mini-makeovers and I have set up a photo studio to create their sparkly, new headshots.

It’s a fun and energizing day. I mean, really, it’s completely exhausting, but making a positive change for so many women who really, REALLY NEED IT keeps me going for days and days. It was an honor to meet all the attendees, it was privilege to become even the tiniest part of their stories. I wish each one of them good health, success and unending happiness .

The Cabi volunteers pose for a group shot before the doors opened.

The Cabi volunteers pose for a group shot before the doors opened.

These are the four powerhouses who lead the volunteers. It’s a lot of work and they pull off an amazing event year after year.

These are the four powerhouses who lead the volunteers. It’s a lot of work and they pull off an amazing event year after year.

Below are the participants’ new headshots. And yes, there were a few “special appearances”, too. These women are truly something special. Their beauty shines through their eyes and their smiles.

I highly recommend clicking on the first photo and scrolling through the full-sized images.

Here’s to hoping for a new job, a new start and a new life for these strong, beautiful women.


Elm Grove Photography Studio Opening a Grand Success

Elm Grove, WI
Monday morning


That. Was. So. Much. Fun.

I want to give a GIANT THANK YOU to EVERYONE who came to my Thursday evening ribbon cutting with the Brookfield and Wauwatosa Chambers of Commerce. I was overwhelmed by all the people who walked in my doors. I still can't believe ALL OF YOU were there! But I think I know why - you secretly wanted to make sure I really had a photography studio, didn't you? haha. I do, I'm not faking you out!

And then Saturday, I was once again honored to have Local First Milwaukee perform a ribbon cutting at my Open House. We were really lucky to have GORGEOUS weather so we went outside and basked in the sunshine. 

A big lesson I learned over the two events... I need to get myself a pair of giant scissors. 

Thank you to my friends and family who stopped by on Saturday. The Wauwatosa Mayor, Kathy Ehley, visited me! I couldn't believe she took the time out of her day for little old me. 

I have SO many photos to share and there are lots of them floating around on Facebook and Instagram. Are you ready? 

Thank you to Jason Brewer for shooting photos on Thursday.... and to my own kiddo, Sam, for "second-shooting". 

Here are some moments from Saturday's Open House... however, I didn't have a personal photographer following me around that day.  :)

Stories Framed Photography | New Studio Soft Open Celebration

Hey, hey, hey! The day is finally here. 

The walls are painted. The floors are installed. The backdrops are hung. Most of the furniture and photos are in place. (The kids are back in school!) I think I'm ready to call it.... OPEN FOR BUSINESS! 

Now let me be super clear, this is a totally UNOFFICIAL opening celebration. I will be having a major extravaganza for the GRAND OPENING IN JANUARY. But I couldn't make you wait that long to come say hello. 

Consider this your New Studio Sneak Peek. 

So... c'mon over! I'll be here all day. Stop by and say hi, check out the place and see what I've been up to lately. (And why I need a nap!)

SFP Soft Open 9/8/17

Friday, September 8, 2017

890 Elm Grove Road --> in the Village Court

I may even have some goodies to give away. Hmm... 

Oh, and pretty please bring a new or used book for the September BOOK-ing DRIVE for Next Door Foundation

ANNOUNCING: Milwaukee's Best Headshot Happy Hour

Join us for the only happy hour in town that will actually make you look BETTER.

Refresh your image in 15 minutes or less at Stories Framed Photography's Headshot Happy Hour. Stop by after work and get a professional headshot, appetizers and a drink for only $99 (+tax).

Headshot Happy Hour begins at 4:00 PM.

Come see us at Mo's Irish Pub in Wauwatosa for a shot (wink!) and a beer. 

Wednesday, March 25. 4-8 PM.  No appointments necessary. 

Mo's Irish Pub, 10842 W. Bluemound Rd. in Wauwatosa

Your drink ticket is valid for one beer, wine or soda. Your new headshot will be delivered digitally within two weeks of the event sized and ready for use. For more information about Stories Framed Photography headshots click here.

Chicago Bridal Shower | Stories Framed Photography | Wisconsin Family Photography

Sometimes I shoot outside of my comfort zone. It's good to push yourself, right? So I was asked to photograph a bridal shower and happily agreed - even though it was far from my normal realm of non-nerve-wracking photography. I can do it. No problem.

I was picturing big, bright windows, lots of sunshine and lots of light. What I found when I arrived was the exact opposite. We were in a lovely private room upstairs, away from any windows, light or sunshine. The room was dark and dramatic. Beautiful, just dark. It pays to be flexible - and know how to use your equipment. I could have panicked. But instead, I simply adjusted my trusty BFF camera and off we went...

Congratulations to Mindy on your upcoming wedding! Best of wishes to you! I am so excited for you!

If you would like Stories Framed Photography to capture your family for some memorable images, contact me to today to get on my calendar. Whether you want dark and dramatic or light and bright - I can do it. Let's make a date!