Wauwatosa Family Sneak Peek | rain, rain go away

What happens if it rains on your session day?

Unlike rain on your wedding day, it's not good luck... BUT... it doesn't have to be a bad thing, either! There are several options to stay on schedule when the weather just won't cooperate. 

5 Options for Rainy Day Photo Sessions

  1. Relocate to an INDOOR space. This may be your home or my spacious Elm Grove studio. Or maybe we come up with another indoor location that appeals to you... as long as we have permission, the world can be our (dry) oyster.
  2. Find an outdoor COVERED location. Some parks have covered picnic areas or underpasses. Sometimes it simply takes some big trees to cover us from the rain.
  3. WAIT it out. If the rain is intermittent, just waiting a few minutes can mean a break in the waterworks leaving us time to get in some photos. Patience is key.
  4. PLAY in the rain! Obviously this depends on how you had planned to style your session. If everyone is dressed up, maybe this is not a great idea. But if you are on the casual end, why not? Let the kids splash! Get out your funky umbrella. Have fun with the rain! I guarantee you will never forget this photo session.
  5. RESCHEDULE. If you have your heart set on beautiful (and dry) outdoor portraits, of course we can reschedule to a different day. Mother Nature doesn't always feel like cooperating so the least I can do is be flexible around the ever-changing weather conditions.

The Eccles family chose THREE options from the list... we started out at their house (1). Once we realized the rain wouldn't be steady (3), we headed out to our original location and adjusted a little by standing underneath the canopy of the trees (2).

Their photos turned out beautiful! You can't even tell how gloomy and soggy the weather was that day. Here is a little Sneak Peek at this fun family of three on a rainy portrait day. 


Is it time to update your family portraits? Get your session scheduled before the kids go back to school and the chaos of fall sports is upon us.