Whitewater Senior Portraits | Sneak Peek with Dylan | class of 2018

I have joked with other families and moms that I have direct line to the guy upstairs who makes all weather-related decisions affecting our plans to be outside.

Argh. I must be off my game.

We had to reschedule Dylan's senior portrait session THREE times. THREE! Rain, rain go away INDEED.

However, it's safe to say that it was DEFINITELY worth the wait. Maybe the third time really is a charm?

Here's a teeny little Sneak Peek of Dylan's RAIN-FREE senior portrait session. 


I can't wait to share the rest! But for now you'll will have to wait... for a rainy day? 

Have you been putting off scheduling your senior portraits? Procrastinate no more! Just fill out the info below and I will wave my magic wand and make things happen.

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