Wisconsin Lutheran HS Senior Portraits | Sneak Peek for Jessika

This Senior Session Sneak Peek is really noteworthy. Jessika came into the studio with an array of props, wardrobe and ideas. It was - and still is - my job to make her feel ultimately special. I'm preeeeetty sure I've accomplished my mission. 

As if to underscore my effort, this single glance into her session...well.... it turned into four. And then, like usual, I couldn't decide. So four it is. Hold onto your hats, people.


Breathtaking, right?

Jessika was SUCH a joy to work with. If I said whip your head back, she did. If I said get in the river, she did. Oh, man. This one image is just the tip of the iceberg for this epic session!

So I said it was four photos, right? Well, not exactly. I was playing with the post-processing on this shot and fell in LOVE with all the other versions, too. Maybe we can do a giant Andy Warhol-esque print for her wall? 

The version above is the basic edit - how it looked straight out of the camera. Below are the different versions I came up with...

Can you see why I was stuck? The black and white version turned out fantastic. Then I bleached out the original version and really liked that too. And then I made the last version, a steely-blue version and it looked so cool and blues-y. 

Which one do you like best?

And I I guess the real question is what does Jessika think?

Do you still need your senior portraits taken? Depending on your due date, it's not too late. (Like, if it was yesterday, I can't turn back time.) Click below to book a session... quick, before the deadline comes!