Tosa West HS | We'll miss hearing Maya sing

When you say “talent just oozes out of her,” THIS is the girl you’d be referring to. Maya Greenberg is a whip smart, musical powerhouse. She’s president of the senior class, earns lead roles in all the plays and is a multi-year force to be reckoned with on one of the top AAPSE groups in the country.

As if that weren’t enough, she just happens to be drop dead gorgeous.

World, meet Maya.

Maya, go get that big world out there. It’s yours for the taking!

senior girl posing in Black Cat Alley

Tosa West

History because it fascinates me and I’m a total nerd for it.

10th in national We the People
straight A's
Student Senate President

theatre, student senate, key club, orchestra

Chocolate Factory Elm Grove

hangout with friends, play music, sing

senior girl and orange painted butterflies



We made Top 10 for APPSE


UW Madison

Life is short,
the world is wide,
I wanna make some memories.
— Donna, Mamma Mia!

Gorgeous Sneak Peek, Gorgeous Graduate

This weekend in Wisconsin we experienced weather worth waiting for. I mean, it really was perfection, right? Blue skies, bright sunshine. light breeze, not too warm, not too cool. Absolutely idyllic.

Scheduling outdoor spring portraits can be a bit of a challenge but man, oh man did we luck out! After rescheduling Micah’s senior photos a couple of times, Saturday was our last chance.

It was meant to be.

Allow me to introduce this beautiful girl who will be graduating next month. Here’s Micah’s Sneak Peek…

senior girl in flower dress

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Tosa East class of 2019 | Jack Hollander

Meet this kind gentleman. Part of why I do what I do is that I love helping young men and women shine through their senior photos. Slowly (but surely!) during our session, Jack warmed up to the camera and I was able to capture his nice smile. Did I mention his awesome socks?

He’s a history buff about to graduate from Wauwatosa East High School. Best of luck, Jack!

Check out these patriotic socks.

Wauwatosa East High School


There’s a nice senior smile
Class of 2019

Soccer, tennis

Miller Park, Soccer referee

play online computer  games and relax

Senior portraits are just the best
Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
— Dr. Seuss
Sometimes mom will sneak in for a photo.

Okay, so I let mom sneak in for one… I can’t help it. Lisa’s a great mom and deserves all the best for her boys. Congratulations, Jack!

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Award Winning Photography | "Match Point"

Ever since I shared the news of my award winning photo (YAY!), I’ve had lots of questions about photography competitions. I will do my best to answer those questions here. But first, let’s admire Joe the Volleyball Player….

“Match Point”

“Match Point”

The first thing about photography competitions is that it is NOT a race with one single winner. Each image in a competition is essentially graded in its own race.

When you submit an image into a competition, usually there’s a specific category. For example, this one was submitted into the Boy/Sports Category. Usually it’s more general than that - portrait, album, illustrative, etc. - but this was a conference for high school senior photography.

Next, the judges give points to an image based on 12 different elements that Professional Photographers of America has created as an industry measurement. I won’t bore you with all the details, but the 12 elements essentially boil down to two aspects:


Is the image impactful? Does it tell a story?

Is the image technically sound? Is the lighting, color and composition on point?

It’s no coincidence that these are the categories that I (subconsciously) use to determine if an image is “client-worthy”. If it’s good enough for a client, it very well may be good enough for competition.

And that brings up another point. THE point.

When you hire me, I am NOT focused on shooting for competition. No, ma’am! My numero uno is YOU. I want to get your good side. I want to capture you in the best light. I want to show you your image on the back of my camera and hear you gasp with joy. I want you to be utterly blown away by your portraits and walk out of my studio absolutely GLOWING.

The competition aspect comes later as validation that yes, I’m serving my clients well and worthy of their business.

It’s a full-circle moment when a client loves an image it and then later, it scores well - even MERITING an award! - in a competition.

That’s a real win-win, isn’t it?

Okay, I have to share this. Here’s the fun part… the dark, shadowy and dramatic photo of Joe (go on, scroll back up and glance at it again) was taken in a FULLY LIT GYM. Seriously!

Check it out…. here’s a behind the scenes photo. See? It’s fully lit with ugly, unflattering fluorescent gym lights.

Oh, the power and magic of photography.

behind the scenes with Joe at Wauwatosa West HS

behind the scenes with Joe at Wauwatosa West HS

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Cooper's Senior Portrait Sneak Peek | Earth, Wind + Snow

Last weekend, Cooper and his mom, Gretchen, came to the studio for some indoor senior photos. We did an entire set there. Dry, warm and un-ruffled.

But Cooper really wanted to go outside. Why not? I was game - my equipment would have to be minimal, but I could definitely make it work. (And my hair/mop was bound to be in a ponytail anyway!)

If you recall, you know the strange combination of weather we experienced. On the way to our location, while the winds were already peaking at 40 MPH, it then started to rain.

Then… it started to snow.

THEN it was just a smooshed up version of rain and snow. Blowing right into Cooper’s face.

With that being said, I am thoroughly impressed with Cooper’s Academy Award-level acting skills. This Sneak Peek I’m sharing is really great. And he had WEATHER coming at him. You’d never know it — look at him!

BRAVO! Way to go Cooper!


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