Class of 2020 Sneak Peek | Maeve

This quiet girl may not say a lot with words but holy cow, her eyes speak volumes.

Allow me to introduce this beautiful and naturally graceful girl named Maeve.


At our pre-session consultation, Maeve and her mom inquired about makeup. She doesn’t wear makeup and really didn’t want to for her photos.

Here are some pros and cons about getting makeup done for your senior photos. If you can’t decide, maybe this will help sway you….


  1. Your skin will look so clean and clear. (Truthfully, this results in a LOT less retouching work for me whether or not you have acne.)

  2. Senior portraits are a special occasion - why not go all out? New outfits, hair and makeup appointments and lunch with mom afterward.

  3. Your confidence will simply SOAR knowing how especially gorgeous you look for your session.


  1. If your skin is already clear, you have nothing to hide! And if it’s not perfectly clear, so be it. (That’s what retouching is for.)

  2. If you don’t usually wear makeup, don’t start now. These photos should show the REAL you. I want you to look back on these portraits and be proud of them, not embarrassed at how much makeup you were wearing.

  3. If you aren’t used to the feeling of cosmetics on your face, you may end up more uncomfortable than anything else. This strain will show in your photos and we sure don’t want that! I want you to look comfortable, happy and relaxed… and like YOU.

So what do you think? Which camp are you in? Nothing’s wrong with either one. It truly depends on your personality and personal preferences.

Either way, I’d love to chat about your senior photos and learn about your hopes and expectations for your senior portraits. Give me a call, text or email. Be sure to check out the information page on senior photos.