Elm Grove, WI Child Photography | Portraits as Family Traditions

This family has a tradition. It involves having a portrait taken of their children at a certain age - about 15-18 months - with a certain look and a particular pose. 

The most recent model is little Walter...

2017. This is Walter. 

2017. This is Walter. 

2015. This is George.

2015. This is George.

These portraits (plus three more!) are all lined up in their family room, proudly and lovingly displayed.

If you've never considered it, family portraits make excellent family traditions. Imagine having a timeline of portraits hanging on your wall... whether it's just the kids or the family together... or even your extended family.

Here are some great reasons for creating a new family tradition out of picture day... with a little help from this adorable Walter character. 

Elm Grove Family Portraits little boy and mom

1. It's a built in reason to get your family together in one place at one time. And as the photographer, I am willing to take full responsibility for "setting the date" so when your older kids complain that it's too early, it's totally my fault. (You're welcome.)

Elm Grove Child Portraits boy and bubbles

2. Once you are all together, the likelihood of siblings fighting is greatly decreased. Yes, I said DECREASED. Why? Because I'm not the mom. I can't explain it, it just is. Enjoy the moments while they are fleeting. 

Psst. If there are any sourpuss faces, I will be sure to capture them so you can post it in his senior yearbook.

Psst. If there are any sourpuss faces, I will be sure to capture them so you can post it in his senior yearbook.

3. When the photo session is over, all the laughter and fun has been had, you can bribe your family with food and drinks. Add on a BBQ to the end of your session, go out to lunch or dinner, go see a movie! You're together - decide as a group. Better yet, surprise them!

Elm Grove kids little boy smiling

4. Once your family portraits are in your hands, hanging on your wall, sitting on your coffee table or wrapped and ready to give as gifts, you will be SO GRATEFUL for having captured those moments. It's so simple and so very true. Frankly put, you will NEVER regret having the photos taken. (But if you don't schedule photos? You will regret that.)

Elm Grove child portraits boy with drool

5. You will see these portraits every day and you will look at your kids and think, they have grown so much! And you will be glad you committed a small part of a single day to your new family tradition. And then we can do it again next year and see just how much they've grown and changed.

Elm Grove WI family photography little boy standing up


BONUS reason for your family picture tradition  -- built in Christmas gifts for grandma every single year! 

Are you ready to commit to your own family portraits? Click below to book your session. I can't wait to create a new tradition for you and your family.